The Alignment of the 3D I Ching Hexagrams with the 4D Tzolkin Time Portals

On Map 32 of Earth Ascending is Ben Franklin’s magic square of 8 with the corresponding I Ching/DNA codon designation accounting for the twenty amino acids. It also shows the binary crossover polarity.

Consisting of t eight leaves or templates of thee parts each, we note that the magic square possesses the exact same structure as that of the psi bank (magnetosphere which the ScR measures) with its leaves and bipolar division by thirty-degree latitudes on earth. 13 is the key to the vertical or longitudinal psi bank code and 8 the key to the horizontal or latitudinal code.

Earth Ascending page 98

As usual, I had to stare at the Hexagrams and portals and do some counting to see how they synchronize. Today, in 5D, we are pulsing in the N.Polar Zone which you can see on the blog post under “Body Frequency”. But for the next 4 days, Hx39 is pulsing on Plate 5 in the southern zone of Earth on the Pacific Summer Plate.

The surface of the earth is 197,060,800 square miles. I could state that in km but I’m an American. Sad business when it comes to the metric system.

197,060,800 divided by 64 3D hexagrams is 3, 079, 075 miles PER I Ching Hexagram. That is exactly synchronous with the TRIgrams, three lines each that add up to six. The dashes are 0’s and 1’s or binary code. The chart is in my book “Time is DNA”.

But there are 20 Time Portals are spread over the Earth so each 4D Time portal is quite a bit larger at 9, 850,000 miles of area. The portal however is located in a specific spot.

This is a pretty powerful suggestion from an Oracle. These oracles happen to be quite ancient though and the synchronicity illuminated by them has been proven to be profound by millions of humans all over the world, otherwise, they wouldn’t still exist.

Other cultures have oracles and I invite them to analyze and apply their wisdom as I have with these two. However, the Mayan Tzolkin is organized around vigesimal, exponential math that teaches vast cosmic cycles so it’s my oracle of choice. Plus it’s accurate if you can figure it out.

We live in a conscious web of life in multiple dimensions. It’s not a joke and not something that should BE HACKED anymore by nefarious species pretending to lead humanity when they are just using humanity for profit. Talk about the road to hell. They already blew up a local planet right next to us. They are not allowed to destroy earth and all life on it in the name of ICC profit or to use nuclear weapons.

We are looking at Earth Ascending Map 32 and the Earth Holon. Sorry about my notes but I analyze this stuff.

4D Time Portals covering the planet. They pulse to the 3D Hx’s
3D EARTH PORTALS according to the I Ching

Time Portal Alignments, Existing in the 4th Dimension of TIME and pulsing to the 3D area designated by the I Ching Hexagram

The North Polar Zone (NPZ)

  • 4DWhite Dog Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 16 and 50
  • 4DBlue Eagle Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 9 and 55
  • 4DYellow Sun Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 11 and 53
  • 4DRed Serpent Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 44 and 52

The Zone of Transformation (ZOT)

  • 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 1, 2, 62, 63
  • 4D Yellow Warrior Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 8, 7, 57, 58
  • 4D Red Dragon Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 5, 6, 59, 60
  • 4DWhite World Bridger Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 3, 4, 61, 62
  • 4D Blue Hand Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 49, 48, 15, 18
  • 4D Yellow Human Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 56, 10, 41, 23
  • 4D Red Earth Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 54. 43, 12, 21
  • 4D White Wind Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 51, 13, 46, 20
  • 4D Yellow Star Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 33, 31, 32, 34
  • 4D Red Skywalker Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 40,39, 25,26
  • 4D White Mirror Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 38, 37, 27,28
  • 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 35, 36, 29, 30

The South Polar Zone (SPZ)

  • 4D Yellow Seed Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 17, 47
  • 4D Red Moon Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 24, 42
  • 4D White Wizard Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 22, 44 (interesting)
  • 4D Blue Storm Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 19, 45

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