The Sun RESPONDS to DNA Evolutionary Changes Within Our Entire Local System

The sun doesn’t force or intiate evolution, we do. Once we, and all evolving life in the system reach a tipping point in collective mindset, which is vast, then the Sun takes action. But it doesn’t act alone, independently, as though it’s a dictator king over the entire system. It is our precious star, our parent, from which all life was brought forth in coordination with the mother aetheric Sun that no one wants to talk about.

In our local system, see at the bottom that our manifested sun has an aetheric Mother and Father sun. Up top, there are the galaxies; galactic center and the mother and father, alpha and omega galaxy. Notice that Aetheric Mother Sun and Alpha Mother galaxy tones add up to 12, the number of women + J.C =13. Same with the males. The male tones add up to 14, the Hidden Wisdom. Fascinating.

It’s like the 12 women apostles who worked next to J.C. and who stayed with him after the male apostles all ran away in fear. 😱 The women stayed while he was tortured and died. That was written out of his-story and the books too. They are on page 1679 of The Urantia Book;

  • Susanna, the daughter of the former chazan of the Nazareth synagogue;
  • Joanna, the wife of Chuza, the steward of Herod Antipas
  • Elizabeth, the daughter of a wealthy Jew of Tiberias and Sepphoris
  • Martha, the elder sister of Andrew and Peter
  • Rachel, the sister-in-law of Jude, the Master’s brother in the flesh
  • Nasanta, the daughter of Elman, the Syrian physician
  • Milcha, a cousin of the Apostle Thomas
  • Ruth, the eldest daughter of Matthew Levi
  • Celta, the daughter of a Roman centurion
  • Agaman, a widow of Damascus
  • Mary Magdelene, J.C. friend from the town of Magdela
  • Rebecca, the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea

They were financially independent from the funds collected by Judas and kept organized by Matthew. Susanna and Joanna handled the money. This is astounding given the status of women in Jesus’ day and among the Jews. Read the passage for yourself online are This needs to be on billboards, plays, and art galleries all over the world to cause a much need ruckus.

Well, the full details are in The Urantia Book. Get ready to squirm if you’re sexist and completely uncomfortable with gender equity and sharing of power. They were authorized teachers directly by Christ.

The sun shares power. It doesn’t force anything. And it’s sentient.

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