Twitter Reactivates Trump’s Account Following Poll of 15 Million Users

So what?

Musk is trying to USE Trumps ego, popularity, and contoversial existence to shore up the continued existence of a corrupt, sinister social media that just got done reaming the planet with abominable lies, censorship and covid death with vaxx on top. To what end? To eventually cram A.I. down people’s throats. To release the beast from its cage onto humanity.

Does he really think Trump is going to come skipping back to the first grade sandbox that is Twitter just because he can play with his friends again who beat him up? A section of America and ALL of Washington D.C and Mainstream media want to see him hung in the street!! What response would that elicit if it were me? Ignore.

This is a test to see Trumps social medal. Good riddens! is my response. I hope it’s Trumps’ response.

Will Trump see through it and go over the top? He needs more than 15 million Americans to back him. He needs 200 million.

In order to destroy MSM for good, and Congress in all of it’s corrupt,  fake glory, he needs to mobilize 200 million Americans to take our country back for ourselves and our children from this 3-headed hydra, within 2 years.

Elon Musk is f….. Luciferian and works for the ICC, The International Corporate Conglomerate, who no doubt has his arm twisted behind his back. Check that out on Corey Goodes posts on here. The category is on the home page. Trump would be foolish to trust or align with Musk. End of story.

Twitter Reactivates Trump’s Account Following Poll of 15 Million Users

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