Artificial Intelligence and Science Posts

If you want some.great Thanksgiving conversation, search on my A.I. posts from the home page. There are about 100. There are also over 500 very good science posts, especially quantum physics from reliable sources. I could have sworn I saw an A.I. category showing up in Intuitive categories and now it’s gone. Maybe they’re censoring me. Word Press does that. Just type it in the search box.

If the females out there really put being sexy at the top of your priority list, note that smart is the new sexy AND, it weeds out the dumb trolls who are threatened by smart women. Less waste of your time.

Crack an article folks, do some reading, turn off the T.V. and be as threatening as possible to weak people who refuse to do the work to improve themselves. It’s your duty as a fabulous human being and it’s fun.

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