Thursday Daily Reading; Blue 1 Night Alanine

The vibe turned in another direction last night. We turned inward and Michigan is covered in snow. Time for freezeup.

What does it take to be intuitive? You need to love yourself, see God in you and respect your dreams. That is unity, the magnetic tone which is literally a high level of magnetism in the cells. That’s probably why the MAGNET🧲 osphere is higher today. We need more self-love so we can feel good about GIVING in this time of double inflation and hoarding by the D.S and the elite

This is a new 13-day cycle. The Blue Night Wavespell; Power of Abundance. White 13 Cosmic Mirror is the Hidden Wisdom. This is a good time for reading and writing.

It’s so wintry and beautiful in Grand Rapids today. We’re expecting a foot of snow and we love it. Peace.

Body Frequency

Blue 1 Magnetic Night Alanine in the 5D N. Polar Zone

The 5Gforce is Red 13 Cosmic Earth, Kin117

I endure in order to evolve. Transcending synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of birth.”

This is the perfect impetus for the theme. Intuition is given to all at birth by the Dragon fire in the blood; DNA.

Earth Frequency

The power at 7:15am EST is 37, 4x above normal

The location of the Blue Night 4D time portal is; 30 degrees south–120 degrees east in SW Australia by Lake Moore. This is a signal kin

Hx39 is on planetary plate V, 60 degrees south and 180 degrees West, covering the middle 1/4 of the planetary plate. The 4D time portal pulses to the IChing Hx plate.

Interplanetary Frequency

The mediating planet today is Saturn but we have Venus and Mercury going into fun loving Sagittarius ♐️ to make us chipper instead of dower. Also pulsing are 5D Mars and Neptune in the gateway.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness
  • Mercury moves into Sagittarius today, where it will stay until December 6th, inspiring an adventurous mindset. Mercury in Sagittarius is curious, questioning, and brave with thoughts and ideas. Our thinking is optimistic and idealistic, and our faith increases. However, we are not always very precise or detail-oriented during this cycle.
  • The Sun harmonizes with Pallas today, and we build faith or confidence in our skills and talents. We seek meaning, wisdom, and mental stimulation. This is a time for making plans, seeing important patterns, and the motivation to solve problems.
  • The Moon spends the day in Virgo, and attending to our daily affairs is also in order.


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