Reply from THE John Williams, Composer for Star Wars Music and so Much More…to me?

Is this real? You’ve go to be kidding me. Maybe somebody hacked John Williams site.

I saw the first Star Wars movie as a little kid, maybe 15 years old and was moved beyond belief. My comment on Youtube;

“Standing Ovation as soon as this starts playing…in my mind. I’ll never forget hearing this music for the very first time in 1976 when we were 14 or 16? Little kids. I ran out and bought the LP right away.”

John Williams replied to Lisa K. Townsend, Writer’s comment

John Williams & Wiener Philharmoniker – “Main Title” from “Star Wars: A New Hope” John Williams Hi big fan!!!! I’m using this medium to appreciate you in particular as a fan of mine keep supporting me, Love you❤️
Do I ever support this fellow. He is Blue 6 Rhythmic Monkey. PURE MAGIC!

This music makes my heart leap out of my chest. One of the greatest memories from my childhood.

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