Sunday Daily Reading-Blue 10 Planetary Storm

I was so busy yesterday I thought the tone was 10. Instead I realized the amazing synchronicity of re-blogging that particular White Wind post yesterday with the 5gforce that was White 9 Mirror, yesterday’s kin. Bless humanity.🙏

Body Frequency

Blue 10 Planetary Storm tryptophan

Pulsing with Blue Storm are Yellow 10 Sun Stop Codon, Blue 10 Hand Isoleucine, Red 10 Moon Methionine, and White 4 Wind Glycine. Notice the beginning and end of a sequence with the stop and start codon hitting on self-generating tryptophan.

The 5GForce is Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon; Neptune. That could easily turn into sulking self-indulgence about your family, mother, or yourself in that role with the Cancer Moon alongside. Blue Storm Tryptophan will dig that stuff out to get rid of it. Forgive and let go. You can’t change the past. But…if there are too many secrets, you can shed a light on it! People need to be freed from burdens. Use the truth but don’t attack. The problem with that is no matter how nicely you state the truth, many humans don’t want to hear it and call it an attack.

Earth Frequency

Level 9 for most of the day. Then that pulse is 42 Tonight. It’s pretty severe. Probably a storm.
Amplitude is 9. We have a flat line again and then a high pulse that hit at 8am Russia time so it will hit us at 8pm EST. They are 12 hours ahead of us now.

Interplanetary Frequency

All Zodiac Signs
Muggle Madness
  • Today’s Cancer Moon is accommodating, attached, and protective. (Red 10 Moon)
  • A sextile between Venus and Pluto this morning gently breaks down barriers, helping us with new insight into our needs for love, comfort, or pleasure and our money situation. We might take a comfortably strategic approach to these affairs. Our feelings are more focused and intensified in a generally pleasant and positive way. In fact, we seek depth of emotion and authenticity in our dealings.
  • Mercury and Mars form a quincunx late morning, however, and we can experience aggravation if we’re not understood or if we can’t seem to get where we want to go fast enough. (Red 10 Moon guide power)
  • What we do and what we think or communicate can be at odds. Instead of listening to what others have to say, we may interrupt them and make assumptions. It’s not ideal conditions for making important decisions, and we should watch for impatience.


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