I’m Updating Quite a Bit in Politics

Corey Goode and company have their ear to the ground on Intel and he keeps us up to date. No way you will ever see this info on Dem controlled and monopolized MSM. Especially now that they think they run the world and should for eternity. Not gonna happen. The earth and free human beings will have the final say in Truth.

It’s not conspiracy. It’s Earth Alliance arm of SSP, an arm of the U.S. military Air Force that Trump created to counter the B.S. Corey posts on Telegram and Sphere Being Alliance.

Please don’t forget that Trump was President of the United States for 4 years, 2016-2020 even though the media, Congress and the Democrats would like to erase THAT FACT from everyone’s mind. Maybe bc he’s not a 33rd degree Mason or part of their cult?

You might want to use the politics intuitive category on the home page. Better yet use Search because WP has censored my Artificial Intelligence and politics posts.

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