Friday Daily Reading-11/11/22. We evolve to Model Synchronicity (Not Chance Accidents), with Integrity

There are no accidents in the Matrix. We co-create everything.

Every Light worker, Mystic, Mathematician and Enlightened Co-Creator that Ever Walked the Planet

Body Frequency

We enter HF45 with the 4, 4D time portals and tRNA evolution of Red 8 Earth phenyalanine, White 9 Mirror tyrosine, 10 Blue Night alanine, and Yellow 11 stop codon. This is the spectral matrix that self-regulates the universal fire of liberation. Time is DNA, and what collective DNA moves with it’s mindset and heartset, changes the earth.

Collective DNA, ALL LIFE, uploads it’s MIND and intention to the Sun via Yellow Sun Stop Codon every 20 days, then the Sun moves the earth based on what we choose. WE start it. End of story. If we want something different, we need to shift our collective minds and hearts.

Lisa T based on Tzolkin research over 35 years

We are not little victim insects. We are co-creators with All That Is and have Source in us.

Today we land on Red 8 Galactic Earth, analog White 8 Wind, Guide Power Red 8 Dragon, Antipode Blue 8 Hand and Hidden Wisdom Yellow 6 Seed.

Notice 2 rows to the left where we were in the harmonic switching timelines on October 5, 2022 on Yellow 10 Sun! They always start with Red Earth synchronicity.

Today is 11/11/22 which is a 10 or a 1 and refers back to Yellow 10 Sun as I just mentioned. If we write the date this common way, 11/11/22 it’s also 44 which is an 8 and matches the tone.

The 5gforce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Night, kin 123.

” I organize in order to dream. Balancing intuition I seal the input of abundance with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Earth Frequency

For 4 days the 4 time portals are pulsing on ICHING Hx 22 in the south Polar zone of 🌎 in synchronicity with the date and 11/11.

Amplitude is 8. We appear normal but not flat. That number is again in synchronicity with Tone 8 and all the rest. There are no accidents or chance in the matrix

The Red Earth 4D Time Portal is located at the Equator–15 degrees west in the mid Atlantic off the coast of Liberia.

Notice that the Sun Tribe is right over the Prime Meridian in Europe.

The 3D earth plate is Hx22 located at the ROOT or south polar zone of earth at 60-90 degrees south and 180-205 degrees West on the prime meridian. It is PLATE VI of the 8 Earth plates covered by 64 hexagrams.This one covers a large swath of Antarctica.

Interplanetary Frequency

Uranus is mediating. Pulsing are Neptune, Earth, and Jupiter.

All Zodiac Signs
  • Early today, the Sun-Saturn square perfects, and we can be cautious or experience lowered vitality. Sacrifices may be necessary. It’s best to conserve energy.
  • This afternoon, a Venus-Mars quincunx occurs, and our timing may be slightly off. There can be a dilemma or difficulty in feeling entirely at ease with others and making satisfying choices for entertainment or pleasure. Our romantic sensibilities and desires may be at odds, and problems (especially misunderstandings) in romantic and sexual relationships may result. Conflicts are likely between desires for independence and the need for nurturing or to nurture.
  • The Moon is in observant Gemini until 7:24 PM EST, when it moves into protective Cancer.
  • The void Moon occurs from 5:30 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Cancer at 7:24 PM EST.


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