Corey Goode Update on Telegram

The Entertainment Industry is in a crazy and much needed transitional phase. It appears the Woke content being forced on the public has been rejected.

Disney just lost about 1.5 BILLION dollars very recently as other E companies have begun to restructure the way they create content. It is very volitile in the industry right now but in the end it appears all of this will have happened for the better.

We had a TV show on a major platform that we were about to start production on as well as another show in the process of being green lit – then BOOM – things went crazy in the industry. Our show (Jenny M’s show to be accurate) and 20 others were cancelled on that platform and now we are seeing a ton of cancellations on long running content on these platforms.

Some of these platforms have informed agents and professionals in the industry that they are freezing the buying all new content until at least the first half of 2023. It has pushed a lot of people to do more independent work.

We were lucky enough to have secured two different distribution companies for our unscripted content and are now speaking with investors for the funding. We are also working closely with some well known gaming experts on a new game and speaking with interested funders for that project as well and expect to begin both projects early next year.

Big tech is in Big Trouble right now because of their woke agendas. We are hoping this creates a more open and free playing field for the type of content that everyone in this community appreciates. It appears that everyone who decided to boycott these platforms in addition to the economy (making them vulnerable) made a difference.

I see how disempowered the public seems to feel right now, but small victories like this should bolster your reslove. 🙂

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