Wednesday Daily Reading-We Organize Ourselves in Order to Create Vision, Not to Get Our Way 100% of the Time.

Body Evolution

6arginine, 6valine, 6arginine, 6serine, 8threonine

5gforce is Red 8 Galactic Serpent, Kin 125

“I harmonize in order to survive. Modeling instinct I seal the store of life force with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of universal water.”

Blue 6 Eagle in 5D is about BALANCING our minds and focus and SHARING POWER. If some of our fellow citizens can get over their fear and need for the iron fist of power to have it all for themselves and get back to the way our Constitution set up balance of power, we don’t all have to go down. That and stop letting the T.V. control your time and emotional and mental focus. We can be interdependent if we mature emotionally.

Earth Evolution

ScR is 6 and erratic. I think it will go up again soon.

The 4D Blue Eagle Time Portal that bridges 3D to 5D is located at 60 degrees north–105 degrees west in N. Saskatuan, Canada by Uranium City on the border to the Northern Territories.

3D IChing hx 53 is located at 60 degrees north and 270 degrees West on the N. American Plate. It’s Red Serpent into White Dog Portal, NE Russia into Alaska. This is just further west than the Blue Eagle time portal.

Interplanetary Evolution in 3D Muggledom. It’s all good.😉

We are mediated by Jupiter today in 5D. Pulsing are the asteroid belt and Mars

  • The Sun perfects its opposition to Uranus early today. This energy is rebellious and touchy, especially if we feel constrained. It’s a yearly influence that can pull up the need to review our appetite for more freedom. We should watch for hasty choices.
  • The Moon moves into communicative Gemini at 8:38 AM EST, and our curiosity about what’s happening around us increases.
  • A Uranus-Ceres trine this morning is excellent for innovation in our work, with health, and methods, in general. With this influence, we’re discovering new and possibly improved ways of relating, nurturing, and healing. Group settings might also encourage these things. Allowing our loved ones more freedom to be themselves can be in focus.
  • However, as the day advances, we’re heading toward a Mercury-Saturn square (the Sun will get to the same square a day later). We could feel blocked from expressing ourselves or preoccupied with serious or weighty issues. There can be difficulties getting our message across. Editing and improving make sense since we may encounter resistance if we push ahead. We might deal with criticism or disapproval, and we should draw on patience and aim to build mental strength. Focusing on the negative possibilities could be the first step before we get to a place of realism.
  • The void Moon occurs from 7:01 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Gemini at 8:38 AM EST.


French is my favorite language to sing as well

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