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I received an interesting email from a researcher who responded to my recent intelligence about the Galactic Federation group that so many in the community believe is fighting the Orion Group and fighting for our freedom. WDYT?

I haven’t read Ashayana Deane’s books or know much about their content – what are your opinions? This is the email:

The ET organizations like the Galactic Federation and others are very popular within the current ET-esoteric global culture mainly led by the vastly sponsored UFO Movement and New Age Movement. They are (self) presented as the ‘good guys, positive ETs from the stars, who created us, watched us, guided us, and protected us. In the current big and crucial evolutionary cross-road, they came to save us eventually and put us on the right track: the golden-age timeline of the eternal Truth+ Love. (I don’t believe any of this about our E.T. ancestors.-Lisa T.)

However, when anyone dares question the ‘fact’ of their positiveness, one is immediately attacked by the hounding packs of these loving spiritual Hearties. So something smells here.

In your recent talks, you touched on this point as for the ‘celebrated’ Galactic Federation – our saviors (see e.g. Michael Salla – Galactic Federations, Councils and Secret Space Programs, May2022).

This message is to support you and tell you that you are not alone on this battlefront. Below is a short excerpt from an important book where many ET organizations are presented and discussed (alliances, associations, commands, councils, federations and confederations, leagues etc.). The Galactic Federations is mentioned many times (pp. 28, 62, 137, 187, 244, 252, 256, 258, 312, 313, 316, 317, 318, 320, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326. 327, 376, 379, 380, 384, 419).

————————- message by the Guardian Alliance from 2001 ———————-
If the OWO plan proceeds, Fallen Angelic groups such as the Galactic
Federation will openly emerge to politically ”back” the global government
”good guys” that appear to be those ”fighting for freedom” against countries
that appear to represent the ”bad-guy” end of the “good vs. evil” staged
polarity drama. World religions of the “positive polarity group” will have
been “nurtured” to a point of ”Unity through Tolerance” by the time First
Contact is staged. Cur newly introduced ”friendly space kin,” endorsed by
Illuminati-controlled governments of the UIR and World Management
Team, will then further global religious unity through demonstration of
contrived religious dogma that becomes the basis for a new global political
order. (This all sounds contrived to me. -Lisa T.)

Human-looking ET representatives of the ”United Federation of Planets” intend to show false historical and genetic evidence that the Annunaki groups are the creators of Human life and that they have returned to lead us to an ”enlightened” future. ”Miracle Cures” will be offered for healing and environmental cleanup, and new global governmental
structures will be imposed as a condition of the “good-guy group” being accepted as the “official world government,” so Earth may be entered as a ”Sovereign Global State in the United Federation of Planets.” (The Annunaki ARE NOT our creators. We have evolved, not been created-Lisa T.)

The “United Nations” will be “upgraded” to the UPF—the ”United Planetary
Federation,” and we will find ourselves as “lowly subjects” upon a planet
ruled by the Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim and Annunaki of Nibiru, Tiamat,
Sirius A, Arcturus and Trapezium Orion. The Annunaki will introduce the
Drakonian, Reptilian and Necromiton-Andromie races as our joint “allies,” and global territories will be divided up among various ET factions, with Human and Illuminati puppet-governments appointed by the UIR orchestrating international political, economic, religious and social affairs
from behind the scenes.

”ETs” will then walk openly among us and “‘undesirable” populations that refuse to “buy into” the propaganda promoted through “official” religious, political, and governmental channels, will be quietly disposed of.

Somebody has an ability for sci-fi fiction writing but it’s not terribly original- Lisa T.

Ashayana Deane – Voyagers II, Chapter 20, Section UIR OWO/NWO Master Plan Agenda, pp. 410-414

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