Monday Daily Reading-It helps to have a Plan Before Exploring

We are in a new HF44 today, Resonant output, express the intelligence of attunement is the message given to our flesh body by our 5D light body. I Ching 53 is about development and gradual process, in other words, patience with how things play out in 3D. Today is a GAP kin so it powered up.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain were 4 Skywalker public figures. I know 7 people in my personal life in this gateway and one patient I had to kick out of my office.

The 4, 5D gateways in this harmonic, 4 SW, 5White Wizard, 6 Blue Eagle and 7Warrior are light body chakra pulses for I Ching Hx53 location on Earth

Body Frequency

4glutamine, 4threonime, 4methionine, 4alanine, 10leucine on a 10~4 tone pulse. Manifestation and form are transcendent.

Glutamine is important for removing excess ammonia (a common waste product in the body). It also helps your immune system function and may be needed for normal brain function and digestion. You can usually get enough glutamine without taking a supplement because your body makes it and you get some in your diet.

The 5GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Hand, Kin 127.

“I perfect in order to know. Producing healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of vision.”

Earth Frequency

ScR is 23 at 5:30am EST in the U.S.

Red Skywalker 4D time portal is located at 30 degrees south–60 degrees west in N. Argentina, South America, North of Santa Fe in the Andes Mountains.

3D IChing hx 53 is located at 60 degrees north and 270 degrees East on the N. American Plate.

Interplanetary Frequency

Plenty of synchronicity between 3D and 5D today. The 4D Time portals are the bridge between the 3D solar system/IChing and the 5D Tzolkin

Mars mediates while Mercury, Saturn, and Venus pulse which you cam see in the 3D astrology.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness 😉
  • The Moon leaves Aries and enters Taurus at 12:16 AM EST, and the desire for more security motivates us.
  • Mercury’s sesquiquadrate to Jupiter this morning occurs not long after a Venus-Saturn square, and we can move from overly negative to unduly optimistic. We tend to make more of an issue than it deserves and should watch for exaggerated perceptions and communications or news. (This shows tension between the Saturn ruled antipode and Venus ruled Hidden Wisdom)
  • A creative aspect between Venus and Mars is excellent for seeing relating patterns and using them positively to encourage creativity and excitement. (Here is the helpful occult relationship between theme and Hidden Wisdom).
  • While the Taurus Moon is peaceful, a Lunar Eclipse will occur in the sign early tomorrow, and emotions heighten today. (No Taurus I know is peaceful. They are The Bull)
  • The void Moon continues today until 12:16 AM EST, when the Moon enters Taurus.


The next time we see Neptune pulsing in 5D is in 5 days with White 9 Solar Mirror. This is the DAY AFTER 11/11/22 so we will find ourselves applying this transit energy to whatever we learned about ourselves the day before.

Some great music from Yellow 13 Cosmic Human. Artists tend to be Tone 13.

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