A Premonition Just Blew Past Me

I was thinking about our fellow follower Melissa on here who is today’s analog, White 4 Worldbridger and I saw our theme, Red 4 Skywalker, Mr. Obama…no longer here and taking Mr. White 2 Worldbridger, his buddy, with him.

That can happen in a myriad of ways but I’m not going to get into that.

We need peace on Earth and on Mars. The two planets are very linked. Mars is our mediating planet today.

A Lightworker is a witch who does the math and cares about a reasonable, loving answer.”- Lisa T.

2 Replies to “A Premonition Just Blew Past Me”

  1. Awe…thx Lisa for the mention 🙂 been a rough few days. But meditating…talking with spirit…and have a knowing all will be well in some way.

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