Hawaii Time Portal


Where are we here as far as IChing Hx and Tzolkin time portal? It’s not hard to see that ahead. I’ll post it a day ahead as far as earth movement to prove how predictive the Tzolkin is. How predictive DNA evolution is.

What is the line up on the earth holon, the merging of 3D into 5D Earth body and light body? I have to study that. The relationship between the hexagrams and the time portals is more complicated. I can tell you that the hexagrams program all DNA nucleotides. How that moves the time portals will be interesting to see. It’s probably right in front of my face.

The 5D location for Hawaii is the Blue Monkey time portal. The IChing Hx can only be synced when it actual happens on the timeline.

Tomorrow is Blue Monkey so the current swarm happening at the volcano is big synchronicity. We’ll.see what the situation is tomorrow.

I believe we are in Hx 63 for the HF45. I have to go to bed. The ScR being super low, at 4 right now is no easier than it being high…for me. My body is like radar for dimensional movement in our sector.

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