People Don’t Care About What is Rationally Accurate. They Care About What They Like and Call It Accurate

I’ve learned much from being a bodyworker and writer for 23 years. I’ve stubbornly done my research and educate people about how their body, mind and emotions work only to be mostly ignored because I’m not telling them what they want to hear but what they need to hear.

But I don’t mind because I’m planting an accurate seed that will germinate in evolution, likely posthumously.

I like that people are little egos and see themselves as the center of their universe because they are. It is God in them. It is the early version of god’s and goddesses. So when we judge another person as lame, weak, egotistical or lost it hurts us, not them.

Think of a small child. They are naturally joyful, playful and ebullient. They don’t think about things but just exist at the center of their vortex. That’s Source in us.

Then children learn about error or wrong doing, like throwing their toy at their sisters head and hurting her vs. sharing and playing harmoniously. There is still right and wrong and adults are also still accepting that fact. I tend to work at that level to balance things. What is correct and incorrect. I find it does help to be correct.

But we always return to our natural Selves, our egos, warts and all, some more than others.

I happen to feel that for me, the less I sit in my child ego self and give of gifts the more fun I have. The problem there is, when one child sees another child with a pile of toys they get jealous and toxic. That’s why I keep to myself. But I see that seeking abundance is a healthy ego trait. Who the heck thinks pursuing poverty and lack is healthy? Not. Sounds like a bad religion, not in line with an abundant universe at all. So, seek abundance in you, in others and share.

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