Update on Categories and Tagging

It’s coming along. I’m categorizing about 100 posts per day and the category “Mayan Daily Reading” is coming up now under intuitive vategories. I’ve also tagged the gateway for the day so if you or someone else you know is Red 1 Dragon, just search on it in that way. I’m not done though so they aren’t all there yet.

Podcasts is a major category so do check out all of those. I’ve done quite a few. Also Tzolkin Matrix Analysis. Very nerdy. I also seem to be using “Lisa’s Predictions and Visions” quite a bit. I forgot how many dreams and asundry I have. Good thing I put them on here. They are common for me and I don’t blog all of them.

Feel free to search on any subject you want and if I’ve tagged it that way it will come up. There are more tags than categories. Some of them are;

Science, Schumann resonance, 13:20,12:60, empowerment, tzolkin, solar, astronomy, astrology, YouTube, astrology transits and more.

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