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I have noticed some interesting responses to my latest update where I was allowed to share the timeline that was given to me a number of months back. It seems a lot of people out there are very discouraged that they will not be rescued by an alien savior race just before humanity destroys itself or the Sun erupts burning the Earth to a crisp.

I have even seen some build up the Micro-Nova event as the moment of a rapture-type scenario while others are spreading fear about the solar event saying it is an extinction-level event – neither of which is true.
What we see as the suffering of the innocents, the higher density beings see is us finally catching up with our karma and being given an opportunity to deal with it on our own as Cosmic Law states, or they watch us cry and moan and wait for a savior instead… it’s up to us.

We have the motivation of end-times madness which is only going to increase our opportunities to right our collective karma.

Over and over I see people complain about 10 more years before the solar flash when they are not ready today nor would they be ready in 2024. The 10 or so years we have to prepare ourselves, work on our karma and traumas would be well spent if we did the work and actually stand up against the cabal running the Earth. We have pockets of brave people standing up here and there across the world, but for the most part humans are whimpering in the corner with hopes someone will save them from their own collective karma.

That is not how it works and those who complain about the end being too far away are doing nothing but complaining and succumbing to their programming of waiting for a savior to fix everything. It is a demonstration of the human condition and some of the primary brokenness that humanity needs to address.

No one is going to come and save us – if a group does come from the skies offering us help it will not be the good guys. Now is the time for humanity to stand up and show its power over the 1% that they have allowed to rule them and create such horrible karma on their behalf.

We are responsible for the current state of the world as a collective and anyone who denies that should really put their thumb in their mouth and crawl into a cozy place and ask for a nice hopeful story. It is time for humanity to stand up and write its own hopeful story. If we sit back and wait for saviors to do it we will just end up repeating another cosmic cycle to give us more time to learn these lessons.

Agreed 👍-Lisa T.

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