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I just added a Search Box on the Home Page under Intuitive Categories so you can use it to search the main categories. I’m tagging everything too by general subject. I also just read that Word Press is updating the site on Nov. 1 which is this coming Tuesday. The intuitive category numbers are not updating as I fix them!

If you type “podcast” in the search box they come up chronologically.

If you type “covid19” in the box you will see all the posts I did in communication with Dr. Chavez when chaos and control was let loose, dating back to May2020 which was when he was in his lab, pre-stroke. These are some meaty posts.

As I use the search box, it looks at the words ON THE POST first before it looks at the category. Sheesh. That may change once the intuitive categories updates. So, to see the Mayan Daily Post in order search on “Daily Reading”.

This blog should function as a library for you. And no one else is approaching Time as DNA as the Mayans have suggested, as I am, so it is important for the future of science and health, which are both collapsing at the moment. The void needs to be filled with empowerment for humans.

The main categories are:

  • Daily Reading
  • Mayan Daily Reading
  • Podcast
  • Youtube
  • Public Figure Birth Gateway
  • Tzolkin Matrix Analysis
  • Propaganda
  • Corey Goode
  • Ascension
  • Earth Changes
  • Timelines
  • Light Body
  • Science
  • Schumann Resonance
  • Synchronicity
  • Lisa’s Predictions and Visions
  • Gender Disparity
  • Gender Balance
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • E.T.
  • Empowerment
  • United States
  • Intuition

Holistic Health posts can be found on my other blog at https://deeptissuetherapygr.com

There are about 2500 posts just on this blog. The ones above are just for the Mayan posts. Before that I posted on relationships, men, women, etc. Gender balance is a huge part of ascension and balancing the light body so it is appropriate. I hope everyone is practicing that in their lives.

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