Categorizing and Tagging

This is turning out to be a big job but I want all of my 2500 posts and information accessible to you. I wish you had a search box right on the home page but instead Word Press gives you intuitive categories that dominate my posts.

To that end I will make sure that all the posts over the last three years are categorized with one of these. Then they will come up chronologically.

  • Mayan Daily Reading
  • Podcast
  • You Tube
  • Public Figure Birth Gateway
  • Propaganda
  • Tzolkin Matrix Analysis (nerdy)
  • Ascension
  • Timelines
  • Light Body (tagged health)
  • Science (nerdy)
  • Schumann Resonance (which are posted daily and alone)
  • Gender Balance

Then I will tag based on the subject matter.

From 2013 to 2018 I posted on relationships which is already a main category. There is also a lot of prose also which may need a category later. I guess I haven’t gotten that book published yet. I have it on my hard drive. There are nine years of posts on here.

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