We are currently in HF40/Hx56 on the Tzolkin

By my calculations that positions us at the Equator–90 degrees West which is a Core Kin in the Yellow Human Time Portal. This is located West of Galapagos Islands off the coast of Equador. I’m fairly sure this is a highly volcanic area because it created the unique environment of the Islands.

The inverse Hx is 60 which is 45 degrees N. and 270 degrees West which is 90 degrees West? I have to study the degrees changing for longitude as the earth curves west to understand where the inverse hexagram lands on the planet. That lands in Marathon county, Wisconsin. Lovely. March 2012 was their last one.


In the next few days that may be where things get started. We knew the earth was going to start moving so this isn’t big news. Tectonic plate movement is real but it’s usually gradual.

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