Memo From the Ether

I just got a message from the ether that Elon Musk may go super rogue and buy Twitter and Facebook to try to do a massive push of A.I. onto the planet. He is going to try to buy up all social media soon and try to force it down humans throats. Dude is evil 😈. He is all about monopoly.

The A.I. prophets know they are failing. The fight is on to CLEAN UP OUR SYSTEM of nefarious actors so earth can hit the Golden Age but this will be over months, not weeks.

Humans need to focus on our personal vibration, our bodies and health and keep up our positive emotional level. Have one buddy you can be yourself with. MUSIC is key. Movement and social with POSITIVE VIBE people only.

I feel we should all be as vocal as possible with friends and family against A.I. Let them say it’s inevitable. They are incorrect. It is up to us. Read Corey’s latest update I just posted.

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