Boris Johnson’s Birth Destiny Oracle. In Other words, the Truth About Him

June 19, 1964 is his 3D Birthday. Hidden Wisdom is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm from his mother. Tricky. No solid ground there.
BoJo is Cosmic Tone 13 which is always charismatic.

Boris is a Conservative but he is a Cosmic one that likely tires people out the way I do. Dude is a GEMINI on top of being an epic communicator. But it is not likely he is committing to much or following through. It’s Gemini’s modus operendi and a thorn in their flesh like Aries temper that doesn’t mean anything. We’re just expressing ourselves while everyone else is emotionally repressed because they’re afraid or in pain 😱. Then they drink or spend money. Yeah, not here.

Notice his antipode. Humans are his challenge and as far as I could tell he was not well liked by the public. That’s a bit of a problem for a prime minister but from this layout, he is very intelligent and tuned in. That still doesn’t matter that much to the public.

Gemini can never firmly decide anything the way Aries is never scared. It bugs people…unless we fake it and we do socially fake it. Or as my old ex-muscle friend Harry says, “Nobody cares.”

Boris was voted out and Liz voted in and now they think Boris planned it that way because he owns members of parliament. Liz was Solar Tone 9 like Queen Elizabeth and both have Maldekian karma so as I said, she was in there to set some seeds planted for the future whether the blind people can see it or not. Seeds sit there. You can’t see anything above ground folks for some time to come.

(Now that Rishi is in, past this post, setting seeds was right. He is Yellow 4 Self-existing Seed. I was literally spot on. I think he’s going to crash the U.K.)

Patriarchal men and women always size a leader up based on “how long they lasted” like a male sexual performance. It’s repugnant. “She only lasted for 44 days”. And that would be because of the men in Parliament who were in the back pocket of BlowJo Boris.

“Many think Johnson planned this from the start. By backing Truss, he was able to defeat Rishi Sunak, the ally who stabbed him in the back, “Julius Caesar”-style. Johnson threw his support behind Truss, knowing that she would be so mediocre that he’d look good in comparison.

Just like Donald Trump, Johnson may think if he gets back into office he can squash the investigation into his chicanery. He’s enmeshed in an inquiry into whether he misled Parliament about his Downing Street get-downs during the pandemic.

“The outcome was foggy, as Johnson rushed back from a vacation in the Caribbean. In some vote estimates, Sunak was ahead but Johnson was winning support, as well. James Duddridge, an M.P. who backs Johnson, told the British press: “I’ve been in contact with the boss via WhatsApp. He’s going to fly back. He said: ‘I’m flying back, Dudders, we are going to do this. I’m up for it.’”-

NY Time Opinion by Maureen Dowd

What could be the trouble with his comeback? The people of the U.K., his ANTIPODE challenge, don’t WANT HIM anymore. Since when does parliament decide who is P.M.? Since when does Congress in the U.S. decide who will be President? THE PEOPLE are speaking up this time and if they are anything like the Americans, they’ll be screaming in the streets that we can’t stand EITHER party anymore. I know I can’t.

Then dissolve Parliament and the Federal Government all together. Let’s start from scratch. These people are too corrupt and controlling. AND…both economies are ruined by our leaders.

“She’s so opinionated!” Fine. But I’m not usually wrong.

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