Saturday-Daily Reading. A New HF and a New 13-day cycle Just Before the New Moon

We enter the Yellow Southern Castle (52 days) of Giving today. This is the Court of Intelligence whose purpose is to ripen the Sun. We are in Red Earth Wavespell 13 (13 days); the Power of Navigation. We are in HF40; Self-Existing Matrix. Self-Regulate the Universal Fire of Form. This is in sync with the 13-Moon Calendar; Self-Existing Owl Moon

I Ching Hx56: The Wanderer

Tzolkin cycles are 4-day, 13-day, 20-day, 52-day, 260-day and 364-day. These sync as the Haab to link 4D with 5D and upward depending on the Cosmic cycle. Our bodies and the rest of nature do all of it. Violence and nuclear weapons throw the cycle off and those who engage in it create karma for themselves.

When we add zeros to those cycles they become exponential evolution which has occurred. The grand universe has been evolving in a precise mathematical way with tons of zeros. The shenanigans of one c×÷=/ isn’t going to stop it.

Body Frequency-13Moon Calendar and Tzolkin

Meditate on Chakra 5, the voice and creative expression/communication chakra. Synchronicity with the Analog White 1 Magnetic Wind Glycine
Our goal is to use the impetus of magnetic synchronicity that we observe in our own lives to reach Cosmic, universal flow of feelings. (Red 13 Cosmic Moon at the end) We use the amino acid sequence to do it which is just our daily lives in our bodies.

1phenylalanine, 2tyrosine, 3tryptophan, 4stop codon. END

5cysteine, 6glycine, 7alanine, 8valine, 9serine, 10threonine, 11isoleucine, 12leucine, START 13methionine the start codon. (8 amino acids nucleotides are coded in this sequence. 10 were coded in the previous 13-day cycle. They vary based on cosmic cycles. Our bodies are organized according to cosmic cycles which is evolving DNA)

The 5GForce is Blue 13 Cosmic Night, Kin 143. Meditate focusing on the throat chakra with this mantra

“I endure in order to dream. Transcending intuition I seal the input of abundance with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.

Earth Frequency

The amplitude power is only 5

Interplanetary Frequency

All Zodiac Signs
  • Mercury (Red Moon) forms a quincunx to Uranus (Red Moon/White Wind) this morning, and it can be challenging to gain others’ understanding. We should watch for poorly-considered decisions, impulsive communications, and disorganization leading to misunderstandings. We might also deal with a lack of receptiveness to practical advice.
  • Energies shift considerably as the day advances. First, the Sun and Venus align in the final degree of Libra (both bodies will move into Scorpio tomorrow). It’s a time for reaching out, making connections, and starting fresh in our relationships–we’re crystallizing the lessons we’ve recently learned through our recent focus on harmonizing and cooperating. We are re-awakened to the beauty of life around us, and new energy invigorates our close relationships. The desire to strike a balance in our relationships or environment is a powerful motivator now. We’re expressing more graciousness, diplomacy, and charm, although not necessarily a lot of depth. We’re proud of our ability to harmonize and beautify.
  • As well, Mercury forms a trine to Saturn tonight, helping us ground and center our thoughts and communications. This aspect takes on more power due to Saturn’s station (Saturn is about to turn direct). Conversations may be spare but instructive. It’s a good time for systematic thinking and a step-by-step approach to tasks and problems. This transit supports work with details. We’re cautious with our expectations or remind ourselves to keep things moderate.
  • The void Moon occurs from 2:18 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Libra at 9:25 PM EDT.
  • We’re in a waning crescent Moon. The New Moon is on Tuesday which is more potent than a full moon. It is in sync with the stop codon, Yellow 4 Sun. With the New Moon we start at the top of the Imterplanetary Holon with Red Dragon and keep sequencing OUR DNA every 20 days in the 20-day cycle.

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