JFK Jr.-John John

He was Red 12 Crystal Dragon. Predictably, he adored his mother Jacqueline Onassis (White 4 World bridger). She died on his Mayan gateway! It happens all the time.

Jackie O. Died on May 19, 1994. Check it yourself. Guess what folks. That gateway is Red 12 Crystal Dragon, the same as her son John John’s birth gateway. His birthday was November 25, 1960. Tzolkin destiny is real, it’s math, and it’s not to be taken as a joke. She died on her son’s birth gateway. Red Dragon is the primordial mother, blood memory, the ancestral bond of mother to child that comes through the mother. This is beautiful truth. All you have to do to see the absolute destiny truth about people is dial up their birthday and death day and the kin around them; family and friends.

Why did I find this today on Yellow 9 Human?

This popped up today on the cover of the NY Times;


Politicians are covered as if they were celebrities, while celebrities seek out a voice on politics.

The NY Time Article

The reason for this is they are both actors. They tell you what you want to hear to get your attention and charge you money (theater tickets) or ask for money (campaign fundraising) to do it. They know you aren’t meditating and tuning into your own power but looking to them for inspiration. It’s quite lucrative to use the public’s weakness.-Lisa T.

The early nineties were a golden age for glossy magazines. It was an incredibly lucrative business, because, in the days before the Internet became ubiquitous, companies poured their advertising budgets into magazines.

The Article

After President Kennedy disclosed that he was going to tell the American people the truth about the LOC, the Lunar Operations Command, and probably the ICC (The International Corporate Conglomerate), it is believed, and Corey Goode has said that from his sources, the CIA orchestrated it back in 1963.

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963; Red 12 Crystal Skywalker. President JFK was born May 29, 1917-White 10 World Bridger. So he and his wife were in the same tribe whose archetype was death. That, and with the Skywalker kin as analogs, are tied up with the Maldekian karma.

Before that Marilyn Monroe was assassinated on August 4, 1962; White 5 Overtone Mirror. That was set up to look like a suicide but JFK had told her his secrets and she spoke up in his defense. Her birthday was June 1, 1926, also a Gemini like JFK; White 9 Solar Wizard; A Maldekian

He also told his brother and best friend, Robert and then they assassinated him on June 6, 1968; Red 4 Self-Existing Moon. He was born November 20, 1925; Red 11 Spectral Dragon

And of course Martin Luther King was killed on April 4, 1968; White 6 Rhythmic World Bridger . He was born January 15, 1929; Yellow 5 Overtone Human.

It was a bloody five years keeping the Local System C&*() secrets from getting out. This is the function of factions of the Maldekian; Red Serpent, White Wizard, White World-Bridger and Red Skywalker right now in our timeline. There is dispute over the function of setting up earth as a refugee planet for humans. It was set up by Blue Hand and Yellow Human kin! Earth is their mediating planet and today is Yellow Human whose analog is Blue Hand.

Trump is Blue 3 Hand. Blue Kin, all the tribes, are notoriously smart and emotionally detached. It gets them far in The Matrix full of people who can be useful for their agenda. They see the truth clearly though and speak it; Blue Night, Blue Hand, Blue Monkey, Blue Eagle, Blue Storm. Wealth, Accomplishment, Magic, Vision, and Self-Generation. Powerful stuff

Lalli’s first issue hit newsstands in March 2000, featuring Donald Trump on the cover with the headline “The Secret Behind Trump’s Political Fling.” Lalli says the idea came from someone on the business side of the magazine who knew Trump. (Pecker, who’d already left Hachette, wasn’t involved with the cover.) At the time, Trump was a famous but often ridiculed real estate developer with multiple bankruptcies on his résumé who hadn’t yet starred on The Apprentice. He was someone who appeared more in tabloid gossip columns than on the business pages, which is why former George staffers believe Kennedy wouldn’t have put him on the cover.

The article

After finishing the read of this Dem article, it’s clear to me the wagons are circled around Trump to destroy him and stop him from running. He’s got something in those documents that is a bomb for the both parties and the entire government. He could bring down the U.S. Government and bring up Disclosure for the world. It’s very doubtful that his party will ever support him to run. The future has not been decided. With White 11 Spectral Wizard as his Hidden Wisdom, he has more in common with Robert Kennedy as far as destiny than anyone else. RFK was Red 11 Dragon, the kin on which our solar system boundary was closed from the Draco threat on 12/5/14. This pulses on Trump 3~11 pulse. I’m not pro-Trump. I’m pro disclosure and balance in journalism and politics of which we have none, two years before the 2024 national election.

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