Saturday-Daily Reading; Epic Frequency Resonance Today With Tone 7

Make the most of it with positive emotional focus and good action. We land on White 7 Resonant Dog Aspartic Acid with the EXACT SAME GFORCE so 4D and 5D are sprockets for take off. You can see the attributes on your app.

Body Frequency

As you look at any maps I post from Earth Ascending, remember that the I Ching Hx overlays the Tzolkin as your flesh and blood body overlays your light body. Also, the I Ching has 64 hexagram that merge exactly with the 65 Tzolkin Harmonics but because the Tzolkin is multidimensional, so is the math.

So when the 8 Tzolkin plates are spread over the planet, or the 20 time portals, we’re dealing with exponential math that syncs up exactly to the grid. I’m sorry this isn’t easy stuff but the scientists aren’t dealing with it or talking about it so I am. I’m afraid their predictions are askew because they aren’t parsing Cosmic cycles. If they are, they’re doing it secretly. That would be no big surprise.They keep everything for themselves to keep control of humans.

Chakra 5 is spinning~the throat chakra where we express ourselves. Huge synchronicity with all dimensions and our bodies.
White 7 Dog~Red 7 Moon. White 7 Wind~Yellow 7 Sun~Blue 7 Monkey. GAP kin supercharged

The 5GForce

Today it is itself, White 7 Resonant Dog Aspartic Acid. Aspartic acid helps every cell in the body work. It plays a role in: Hormone production and release and normal nervous system function. It is a weak electrolyte. But make sure you get all of the strong electrolytes today and you’ll be humming; 1800 mg. of sodium and 4700 mg. of potassium. Both are basic minerals. Sodium is not generally found in whole foods so if you are a healthy eater, you need to add salt. I don’t recommend getting your sodium requirements from processed (frozen and canned) and drive thru food. Do pay attention to this. The healthier you eat at home the less sodium you are getting and your energy will tank. Humans evolved in salt water so we really crave it, far more than sugar. We need little to no processed sugar. We need salt. You crave sugar because you aren’t getting enough salt and potassium as well as dehydration. I take NOW brand potassium citrate supplement and eat red potato, dried apricots, white beans, and dark green leaf veg.

Earth Frequency-Schumann Resonance, the ScR

The amplitude is only 5

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by MERCURY in all dimensions today so people may be talking too much. Just flip the switch on the back of their heads and turn off the TV.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until 12:12 PM EDT, and we’re playing with ideas and making plans. While we start the day craving more inter-connectivity, as the day advances, we seek familiarity.
  • The Cancer Moon period begins at 12:12 PM, and we’re getting in touch with our emotional needs. We’re in great shape for understanding, teaching, absorbing, and learning today as Mercury and Jupiter form a parallel. We seek stronger emotional connections, although we also tend to play it safe. It can be helpful to find ways to center ourselves during a Cancer Moon.
  • The void Moon occurs from 12:12 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Mars), until the Moon enters Cancer at 12:12 PM EDT.


People in this Gateway

President James Garfield was White 7 Dog. Corey Goode is the Guide Power, Yellow 7 Sun. My favorite physicist David Bohm is the Hidden Wisdom, Blue 7 Monkey. Tone 7 has very influential people in it’s ranks. They circulate unlike tone 4 and tone 13. Those kin keep to themselves.

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