Looking at HF38/Hx31 Movement From an Evolutionary Perspective

Look at the tribe numbers for the time portals that hover over the South Atlantic Anomaly. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14; star, moon, dog, monkey, human, skywalker, wizard. A few of those morso than the others. Tribes 9 and 10 are mediated by MERCURY which is heavily moving today. Red Moon and White Dog are crossover points for the DNA from male to female, past to future, karma to dharma, etc.

I strongly feel this anomaly is connected to Maldekian karma and is held in place by White Wizard time portal. The Psi Bank of Tiamat with it’s karma was transferred to Earth and is held here. That’s why the asteroid belt is right next to us in space and still spinning. What in the heck is making an asteroid belt circle?? It’s 5GForce Psi Bank. Tell that to the scientists.

The mother ship is down there in the Antarctic too, under the ice with the homing beacon. Anyway, our evolution didn’t stop with the blowing up of Tiamat and the damage to Maldek/Mars. We landed on Earth and continued on with the help of Yellow Human/Blue Hand tribes. These time portals on Earth have a history.

Look at these two images back and forth and see what pops up. Remember the Interplanetary Holon is a DNA double helix strand across strand vertically and notice how they interact with the Earth’s Holon on the left. Don’t be too literal visually.

Our bodies are a microversion of these macroversions, right to left. And remember they are analogs to one another, right to left. Today is at the bottom of the Interplanetary Holon; Red Moon/White Dog mediated by Mercury which is synchronistically pulsing with GEMINI today.


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