Friday-Daily Reading

There is justice in the air today with this pulse. We enter HF38; Solar Process. Formulate Freewill with Intention. The I Ching is 31; Influence, wooing, attraction. This time portal is at 60degrees S, 10 degrees N of the antarctic circle in the S. Pacific, far off the coast of Chile S. America.

On the Planet holon we are on the Autumn plate in the Z.O.T. moving between Hx31 and 32 near the S. Atlantic anomoly.

Body Frequency-The 13-Moon Calendar

Chakra 2 is ready for alignment. This ends with the last quarter moon.
Red 6 Rhythmic Moon Methionine, kin149 is a GAP kin in the Z.O.T and is a Root Time Portal for transmitting.

Earth Frequency

The amplitude frequency is 5

We’re in the South Atlantic Anomaly Zone which has me paying attention to the Psi Bank Frequency levels. On the left image, the arrowhead pointing to Hx31 sits exactly on top of Red 6 Moon. The Time Portals that coincide with the South Atlantic Anomaly are Red Moon, Red Skywalker, Yellow Star and Yellow Human

The South Atlantic Anomaly is over the south section of South America

The 5Gforce

Today the 5gforce is Blue 8 Galactic Monkey, kin 151, 2 days away!

I harmonize in order to play. Modeling illusion I seal the process of magic with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of vision. I am a G.A.P. kin

Kin 151

The Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by MERCURY today. Pulsing are Mercury 2x, Pluto, and Earth.

A big day for communication and balance all around.
  • The Venus-Saturn trine perfects early today, and the Moon hooks into this energy via trine to Venus and Saturn, effectively extending its themes. Business sense is excellent, although we can be risk-averse now. It can be a time of bonding or shows of support and loyalty in a relationship. We value reliability and tradition more than usual and could feel pleasantly responsible for our loved ones or special pursuits. Transits today stabilize our emotions, bringing us down to earth and focused on practical priorities.
  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, encouraging a connected, communicative approach to our lives. (Our theme and guide power are ruled by Mercury. Big synchronicity) Gemini ♊️ is ruled by Mercury.


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