Update from Corey Goode

Thank you to everyone putting out protective energies for DW and my family. We FEEL them!

On Sept 26th I showed up for my deposition in Denver for a federal lawsuit against my old partners – Roger Richards, Leon I Kennedy and Adrianne Youngblood. They had insisted to the courts that they were sure I would not show up for my deposition… Yet I did.

Now, on Tue, Oct 11th, the first deposition for our old partners – Richards is suddenly unable to attend due a surgery he had never mentioned prior. We had expected this person to do something like this – people usually accuse you of that which they do. They are likely trying to wait out discovery closing because they want to see what we may have before they are deposed. The depositions for the other former partners for the 12th and 13th are still scheduled so far.

We are expecting to receive a lot more info from our investigators in December sometime that will be a bit late for the first lawsuit but will be sent to law enforcement and for other uses. An amazing amount of truth about how me and my family have been treated is coming out right now, NOT personal truths of individuals but actual truths of people’s actions. We will not rest or settle until we have cleared our names of the nasty lies that were spread.

Unfortunately – much like Johnny Depp – we are going to have to clear our names and recover our good reputations through the courts. As stated prior, this has been HELL for my family (and DWs) to go through, but it is going to make for some crazy ass reality TV content. Millions will watch just for the shock factor alone! TY again for all of your support. We will have more updates regarding our lawsuits coming soon. TY, CG

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