We’re Not Willing to Repeat Technospnere Luciferian Ways from Maldek are We?

The link is below.

We would actually be stopped by the GGLN if we went on that track which would blow up earth. It was one of the conditions of allowing Skywalker~Worldbridger to bring humans here as refugees to continue to evolve. According to the Urantia Book we have turned out magnificently and our E.T. ancestors hold us on high esteem.

I think they do know what they’re attempting and think it’s funny. They think they can usurp the GGLN, the Global Galactic League of Nations. Maybe. But they are in Christ Michael’s territory and he already won the battle with Lucifer, on THIS PLANET, not very long ago; 9A.D. according o the Urantia Book. It was the year of his death and resurrection. Check out that link on A.I.

Debbie here(she works for Corey). What a slippery slope this is. In Biblical terms, “…they know not what they do.”


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