The Tzolkin Chromatics and Earth Families

You can simply remote view to your coordinate. It helps to plug it into Google Earth if you need to visualize it as you meditate. I use my portal to receive information quite a bit. Skywalker time portal is in the Andes Mountains.

Machu-Picchu reminds me of where Obi-1 went when he was hiding in exile. The Jedi; forever shunned. My Red Earth Son says the Sith know the way but he takes after his White Wizard Maldekian father so…sure, they know the way to blow up a planet. His grandmother Hay was Red 11 Serpent and headed up my inverse harmonic so, seriously.

We have a job to do in the Light and we need to use our bodies daily to do it. Your time portal location is on the fourth line-L.T.

PolarYellow Sun-SC-0=20 Fire-Crown Job; Receive 60° N-15°WPolarRed Serpent-S5 Blood-Crown Job; Receive 60°N-75°EPolarWhite Dog-D10 Truth-Crown Job; Receive 60°N-165°EPolarBlue Eagle-R15 Sky-Crown- Job; Receive 60°N-105°E
CardinalRed Dragon-C1 Fire-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-30°ECardinalWhite WB-T6 Blood-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-120°ECardinal-Blue Monkey-N11 Truth-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-150°WCardinalYellow Warrior-H16 Sky-Throat Job; Transmit 30°N-60W
Core-White WindG2 Fire-Heart Job; Transduce Equator-75°ECore-Blue Hand-I7 Blood-Heart Job; Transduce Equator-165°ECore-Yellow Human-E12 Truth-Heart- Job; Transduce Equator-105°WCore-Red Earth-F17 Sky-Heart Job; Transduce Equator-15°W
Signal-Blue NightA3 Fire-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-130°ESignal-Yellow Star-L8 Blood-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-150°WSignal-Red SW-Q13 Truth-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-60°WSignal-White Mirror-Y18 Sky-Solar Plexus Job; Receive 30°S-30°E  
Gateway-Yellow Seed-V4 Fire-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-165°EGateway-Red Moon-M9 Blood-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-105°WGateway-White Wizard-K14 Truth-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-15°WGateway-Blue Storm-19W Sky-Root Job; Transmit 60°S-75°E

   Yellow                              Red                               White                                 Blue

Polar Earth Family-Sun-SC Stop Codon, Serpent-S-Serine, Dog-D-Aspartic Acid, Eagle-R-Arginine

Cardinal Earth Family-Dragon-C-Cysteine, World-Bridger-T-Threonine, Monkey-N-Asparagine, Warrior-H-Histidine

Core Earth Family-Wind-G-Glycine, Hand-I-Isoleucine, Human-E-Glutamic Acid, Earth-F-Phenylalanine

Signal Earth Family-Night-A-Alanine, Star-L-Leucine, Skywalker-Q-Glutamine, Mirror-Y-Tyrosine

Gateway Earth Family-Seed-V-Valine, Moon-M-Methionine, Wizard-K-Lysine, Storm-W-Tryptophan

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