Saturday-Daily Reading; We’re Sealing the Output of Intelligence With EQUALITY

Not contrived equality based on personal attributes. Everyone is different with different abilities and we are not equal in that. Equal in rights and treatment by Universal Law, no matter what our background or personal attributes. This distinction needs to be made because everyone is loved equally no matter what, wrong or right in behavior, by Source.

Body Frequency

Skywalker, Eagle, Wizard, Warrior is the time cell. Glutamine, Arginine, Lysine, and Histidine are always the order in Time Cell 4. Red, Blue, White, and Yellow are the color order of all 65 harmonics or 4-day sequences.

A time cell is nothing more than a sequencing RNA cell since time is DNA, so here again, we have a DISTINCT and redundant evolutionary pattern giving reason and order for why we and ALL LIFE around us are changing as they are. There is nothing random about genetic mutation. The scientists have already admitted that. They just haven’t figured out the patterns because they aren’t looking at the Tzolkin.

The Time Cells. The galactic, overtone 5th 0-19 code uplifts the solar codes.

They did study the I Ching and turned it into our modern computers. That is documented and in my book. What do you suppose they’ll try to do with this information then? Try to turn us further into a mechanized machine world? Only if we are asleep to their agenda and don’t apply this to our bodies/minds now. Free will is a universal law. If we exert it en masse they cannot thwart us.

Yellow 6 Warrior is Histidine and pulses to the left shoulder flesh and tone 6 pulses to the right shoulder joint.
On the 13-Moon Calendar we land on the 5th Chakra radial plasma that is about communication, speaking, and expression.

Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation.

Alpha symbol – double-extended electron (release)

Alpha – “My country is the unborn ultimate sphere. I release the extended double electron at the south pole.”

Earth Frequency

We are in the South Polar Zone of the earth in alignment with chakra 5, Alpha above.

Power is 13 but the frequencies are erratic instead of flat

The 5 GForce

It is Yellow 8 Galactic Seed, Kin# 164.

I harmonize in order to target. Modeling awareness I seal the input of flowering with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of elegance.

Kin 164

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Saturn today. Pulsing, are Mars and the asteroid Belt and Jupiter from 5D.

  • Venus opposes Jupiter today, and over-inflated expectations or the tendency to overstate our affections or overvalue things can play with our happiness. Inner discontent and desire for more from life than daily routines can figure strongly. The desire to experience something new or more freedom to explore can express itself as restlessness if we don’t know what we want. (Sit still if you don’t know what you want rather than flail around-Lisa T.) This is a better time to make minor adjustments to help free ourselves up for different experiences than it is for big moves, as much as we may want to go over the top.
  • Venus also forms a minor square to Uranus today, heading toward a minor square to Saturn, highlighting discontent with the current state of our relationships, money, or pleasures.
  • The Moon spends the day in Sagittarius, further stirring the desire to grow and expand, and we can be quick to react.
  • The void Moon occurs from 5:47 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mercury), until the Moon enters Capricorn the next day, Sunday, October 2nd, at 3:39 AM EDT.


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