May 6,2022-Amazing, Crazy Synchronicity for Me on this date

My gardenia. I brought it in because in Michigan it gets below 40 at night now.

I don’t think I ever blogged on this day because I’ve been healing from it for 4 months.

My neck injury happened on his gateway in May 2022, stimulating my karma with my mom from 2017 on THIS gateway, Yellow 2 Human, her mate Norm in HF33. Crazy stuff. And now today also, bc it is Yellow 2 Human, that is pulsing off of Raul who is my Hidden Wisdom governed by our mother’s synchronicity.

I believe I told you that the curtains in Raul’s hallway in his house in San Jose were exactly the same as those in my mothers bedroom. I was in the twilight zone which is the tip off that you’re crossing timeliness in your DNA. I walked into my mom’s bedroom and she said, “Look at my new curtains!”. They were very pretty. I said, “Umm, they are they are exactly the same as Raul’s in his hallway in San Jose. I made a mental note of them for some odd reason.” Mom, “How can that be?” ” Because he is my Hidden Wisdom which is the subconscious mind programmed in utero by your mother. You two pulse on each other.” She didn’t understand all of it although she understands the subconscious mind in the hidden wisdom position.

It has happened to me so many times. Mom did not buy those in a store but at a sale.!!! Not easy to duplicate.

Yellow 1 Magnetic Star~Blue 1 Monkey. Hidden Wisdom is me, Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

I was doing my morning workout in May using barbells, doing normal reps and nothing was different. I was aware that it was my Hidden Wisdom that day, Yellow 1 Star.

Then I felt a snap in my neck but it didn’t hurt. I finished my workout. That night as I lay in bed, forgetting that we were in my exact kin at that hour, I started to feel pins and needles on the right side, neck, shoulder and arm. I sat up and looked at the oracle.

Holy crap. I’m in my own kin. I asked spirit what was going on. They said, “You will be OK but you asked us to stop aging in your body and for it to be whole again. SO, you have a lot of issues to release on your right side and right hand. You will not have pain but we have to get at this.” From the neck down I felt zaps of electricity or…energy of some type and they asked me to flow with it. Right!

I could walk, no pain, but this was parasthesia, pins and needles. My son was keeping an eye on me and testing me. My mind and strength were fine. I was icing and taking Ibuprofen but mostly I was meditating.

I thought, this is my fire hand, went down the right side of my body and  I thought of all the events and people in those tribes who had severely wronged me and never apologized. I had forgiven them but they had hurt me deeply. Sun, Wind, Night and many Seed kin, right abdomen, and hip, 3 blue hand, right abdomen, my mom. Right lower abdomen and thigh, yellow Star, all the objectification of me as a performer by skads of people, my right tone 2 knee, bashed it badly after the worst Thanksgiving in my hometown, and my right ankle I had sprained 3x.

Spirit wasn’t kidding. I needed zapping. because I asked for release in my entire body. It’s not as though I was being hurt. Nothing hurt. It was just uncomfortable. Ask and you will receive. That doesn’t mean it will be easy.

My friend took me to the E.R. which was no biggie but they didn’t understand my neck injury at all. They just freaked out over my blood pressure. I felt fine. They forced it down with med and I felt high like a zombie. She called me a unicorn because I felt fine. In the meantime my psychic senses were on fire and I could see energy of staff that walked in and would drop comments. I was bored. Lol

They wanted a reading and I was spot on but then I put a stop to it as I was supposed to be resting. Once I got to the hospital, I asked them my room number. It was 1-11. I made her back up so I could check it. Omg. The nurse said, “I’m not lying to you.” OK, this is meant to be.

I had mixed feelings about this because I had read that psychics and sensitives tend to run higher BP or QI pressure because of our energy. However, I had asked Spirit to help balance my energy so I could remain in the body for as long as I wanted. My choice. I needed to accept that the physical body had to ascend in stages and I want to remind my readers of that.

I was only in there for a day and continued to get quite a few spiritual questions from staff. I was planting seeds in the sick care environment so these people could wake up. That’s why this was happening in addition to me slowing myself down. One nurse asked me what I thought about recovery from addiction because patients always returned. I said, “Forgiveness. It’s a spiritual issue.” And then I clarified what real forgiveness was. You have to literally let the negative emotion and trauma and receive help from an energy worker. It’s very doable.

She agreed. Real healtcare is mind-body-spirit or holistic and I kept saying it in there. IT’S NOT RELIGION OR THE BIBLE. But I’m in Grand Rapids so it’s an uphill battle. The young people get it though.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there. The QI is so compressed and awful in the hospital because they are the opposite of nature and healing vibe. It’s a failure and dangerous.

My BP quickly went down to 110/70 which is what they force it to now, even at 60 years old? I told my doctor that was a super chill, young receptive woman vibe ready to be relaxed and impregnated for God’s sake. Men say, ..”RELAX!”. Right. For their purposes.

My Chinese doctor had a fit. In China, for a 60 year old, they say 140/80 is fine. Americans. They are SO biased toward youth and even push older people into those youth boxes. That, and you never see older people on ads stretching, thin and happy. I’m just working with it now. My body is changing very quickly.

It’s all good with synchronicity all around. Relating this back to mom. While I was in the ICU she never responded to my call or text; my own mother. This is par for the course with my mom. Oversight and neglect since I was young because of ADHD. It runs in my family. She apologized profusely but this always happens. I needed to forgive her. This is just who she is so I’ve covered my own bases in life and don’t rely on my family at all.

Everything happens for a reason and it is really up to us to negotiate the state of our bodies on this very compressed planet. No doubt our telomeres take a hit but we can reverse damage to the them as well by reducing the level of ELM energy in our cells. It’s the negative polarity. Yes, we are manifested and visible but we could be in the minimum range until the frequencies on the planet are cleaned up. It is incredibly dense here. We have to remember to lighten up on every level.

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