Wednesday-We are in HF 34 and the Inverse HF is Backward Now in HF 32

HF34 is back to 4D with the 5gforce pulsing. Rhythmic input, express the intelligence of equality. Do you feel as relieved as I do? We can get back to our earth lessons pulse instead of having to deal with the hacked energy in that harmonic. Some of it actually got resolved this time. There was conflict. I was vibing on it. But it does feel like more truth can get through to people’s minds now. It won’t be as easy to delude them. The truth remains in the ether not MSM so you have to meditate and use intuition to read it.

Earth Frequency

Some of this are the storms and hurricane hitting, indicative of transitioning energy.

It is currently 17 but it will be spiking this afternoon because the 4D pulse has returned.
You can see the coming spike on the right.

The 5gforce

It is Blue 11 Hand today.

“I dissolve in order to know. Releasing healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the Spectral tone of liberation. I’m guided by my own power doubled.”

Body Frequency

Red 3 Electric Skywalker. Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 11 Spectral Star
We land on Chakra 1 to get us grounded in the body again. Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation.
Seli symbol is luminous force (flow). Seli – “My mother is the ultimate sphere. I see the light
The Radial plasmas/chakras

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Mars today and pulsing are Uranus, Saturn, and Venus. The Sun is in Libra.

  • Today’s transits tend to favor fair and clear negotiations and a feeling of camaraderie. However, Jupiter’s semi-square to Uranus can stir some restlessness. (This is in sync with the Red 3 Earth guide power.)
  • This is the second of three transits, with the other two perfections on May 11th and December 23rd. It’s a minor but longer-term aspect. We want to grow, improve, and innovate, but we’re not necessarily focused. We could find it challenging to agree with others, or it’s hard to find common ground. We need to be willing to make changes in our lives, or change may come in unwanted forms. This is a rebellious, restless influence, and we should avoid random moves. It’s best to tap into areas that may need some attention and improvement. We might open ourselves up to new ways of thinking, but we could also too easily avoid taking responsibility for things that truly matter. While it’s best to watch for impractical ventures and unusual tangents with weak staying power, we should connect with our desire to innovate.
  • The Moon spends the day in Scorpio, drawing us to transformative and emotionally engaging experiences.


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