The New PM of Italy, Giorgia Meloni is White 8 Galactic Worldbridger

“I harmonize in order to equalize. Modeling opportunity, I seal the store of death/change with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of heart.”


This applies if she is spiritually in Light and not Shadow. Who knows? If she is in shadow, just say all of the opposites of the words listed in the mantra. Time will tell, literally.

She is considered to be very far right, like Mussolini, which is interesting since this is also Hillary Clinton’s birth gateway. The World-Bridgers sure are coming forward lately; Musk, Zuck, Clinton, Biden, and now her. It’s interesting that in this country, the U.S., fascism is considered far left wing and a democratic republic based on a constitution is considered right wing.

World-Bridgers are about equalizing so politically that makes them swing either way depending on what their society needs. The difference is they will force involuntary prescriptions onto the system instead of setting in place rules that encourage equity to let businesses choose them. They have little faith in humanity choosing the correct way so there will be a blow back eventually.

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