The 13-Moon Calendar

Today. You can see this on your app daily. The 7th day of Electric Moon will always coincide with 9/26 no matter what year it is. The Solar and Lunar years are synced exactly.

I have not really fed this to you yet because I already overwhelm you with information. But hopefully, it’s starting to sink in and is easier to digest now.

Please go to the home page and check out the Tzolkin Education Page if you want to know more. This link is there also. It’s past time to take a good look at this tutorial on the 13 Moon calendar and ditch your Gregorian, just as you’re ditching the clock and MSM.

I like the 13-Moon Calendar. It’s a bit automatic for me as I follow the Tzolkin. That’s what I’ve always done. I have to admit the 13-day cycles and harmonics are more conscious for me than the Moon, but as you can see from my posts, I always know where we are in the 28-day lunar cycle. Generally, it’s New Moon, Quarter Moon, or Full Moon. It’s super important to know there are 13 full moon cycles in the Mayan Tzolkin of 28 days each. This syncs the female reproductive cycle with the biosphere and each other obviously. The subjugation and degradation of women is the reason the Church pushed believing that the number 13 was evil. It’s quite the opposite. It’s a universal timing frequency along with 20 that will bring equity to both genders; balance of power. Neither patriarchy nor matriarchy is the right way or the way of the universe. Power is shared EQUALLY between genders and both genders have male and female in them.

I no longer have a 28-day cycle as I’m 59 but I certainly did when I was young. Show this link to young women who are supported to have their breasts removed these days!!! Teach them about the natural cycles of their bodies, and how they can manage them naturally and remain close to the ways of the biosphere, the animals, and plants.

The Radial Plasmas of the Body or Chakras. From the left, 7, 1, 6, 2, 5, 3, 4 chakras.
One Moon

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