Sunday-Daily Reading; White 13 Cosmic Dog, the Center of the Tzolkin. 33:10:13:130!!! New Moon Today

Forgiveness is the key to hacking this harmonic and restoring Cosmic order to earth. Duality is always chuck full of error, pain, and deception. If you sit and stew in it and talk about it too much, you will age, get sick, and die. It’s not necessary because life is a holographic illusion for the most part. Pick well as far as what to focus on!

There is no forgetting with forgiveness usually. We remember on some level how we’ve been hurt and hurt others. 💔 I’m in that group and very human with the rest of you. I want to forget it but then that space needs to be filled with something positive. I have learned to pivot my emotions and stay in my own positive, jovial space that is authentic despite the suffering I’ve been through and seen in my work. This is a planet of fun and adventure as much as it is evil B.S. although it feels like there’s been more of the latter lately. I won’t deny that.

Evil is just error, mistakes, and completely common. We try to do our best usually and it falls short often. Most people work on improving and we do improve with an open heart while the truly, deeply, seriously sin-ridden ones get worse. That’s what we see with the c$/^& and seriously mentally ill criminals right now that need to be out of power on both sides. Humanity needs to be free. Maybe they need to go to another planet with their kind! Maybe the Orion galaxy.

Forgiveness is letting go of the past, focusing your mind on the eternal now, and the present moment, and breathing the truth of love and light that is NATURAL into our bodies and all of nature. There is the magic of life and the answer to how love literally absorbs evil as the Sun drives away the darkness and evolution continue on. I do it in my office with people all the time. It works. People let go of repressed trauma and are pain-free. It’s real!! I’m doing it myself too. You just have to focus your mind and stay away from or keep firm boundaries with toxic humans and situations.

5D Earth Frequency

The power at 2:15pm est is 40. It’s going up due to the shadow hack of HF33. Humans unconsciously feel it. It also drops the barometer.
Amplitude power is 40 5x normal

5D Body Frequency

White 13 Cosmic Dog Aspartic Acid~Red 13 Cosmic Moon Methionine Start Codon
This is J.C., The Holy Spirit, The Trinity, Source in the Biosphere, not the technosphere matrix. We are in pure 5D from Implicate Order, the exact center of The Tzolkin

Christ Michael. He was Human and God at the same time and showed us how that works so we can ascend gradually


White 1 Magnetic Dog is the Galactic Force from Fifth Density. It creates an occult partnership with the theme and is EPIC LOVE from Omnigalactic Source and Galactic Center (Hunab Ku). On either side in equality and balance are Alpha Mother Galaxy and Omega Father Galaxy. That is EXACTLY what today and tomorrow are. Today is the Galactic OMEGA ending point and tomorrow is the Galactic ALPHA beginning point. There is profound truth and wisdom in White 13 Dog and Blue 1 Monkey.

The Hidden Wisdom, Right Beneath the Gateway. This is an OMEGA POINT.

Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey Asparagine. It helps to break down toxic ammonia within cells, is important for protein modification, and is needed for making a certain molecule that transmits signals in the brain (a neurotransmitter). Asparagine has a high propensity to hydrogen bonds since the amide group can accept two and donate two hydrogen bonds. It is found on the surface as well as buried within proteins. Hydrogen is the main component of WATER (Red Moon yesterday-universal feelings)

Asparagine is the amide of aspartic acid. The amide group does not carry a formal charge (+ or -)under any biologically relevant pH conditions. The amide is rather easily hydrolyzed, (turned into water) converting asparagine to aspartic acid. This process is thought to be one of the factors related to the molecular basis of aging. (Cellular stress)

This sounds like not enough fun, magic, and laughter and too many tears. That will make you age because of stress. 😩

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