Saturday-Daily Reading; We are in HF 33, Frequency of Dreams. This HF is SILENT. There is no Hertz (Hx) Frequency.!!!

Kin 129-132 turn INWARD on themselves. This is the only harmonic in the Tzolkin that does this. Meaning, every kin in the Tzolkin or day, has a 3D mother hidden wisdom governing the subconscious mind. THAT IS ABSENT HERE. Of course, we all have a mother but likely, if you were born in HF33 your mother was very unique. The Hidden Wisdom in this harmonic are Yellow 2 Human, today, Blue 1 Monkey, tomorrow, White 13 Dog, Monday, and Red 12 Moon, Tuesday. Also, tomorrow is an Omega ending point in 5D and Monday is an Alpha beginning point in 5D. The New Moon is tomorrow challenging our sleep.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 2 Human also in HF 33 hitting on Tuesday. These are some very odd, special humans born in HF33. I know one. My mom’s mate is Yellow 2 Human. Nice fellow. Mom says he is ever so odd. Mom is a rabid Dem and he is a staunch conservative and loves Trump. They barely get along but are analogs; Blue Hand and Yellow Human. It’s interesting.

I was chatting with him on a visit and he told me he likes to just sit on his tractor in the middle of his field (in Illinois) and meditate. Open space, nothing happening. I knew at this point that he was 2Human so it made perfect sense. Mom couldn’t believe he told me that. (Repressed Dems don’t tell the truth about their experiences nor is anyone else supposed to!) People tell me lots of things they wouldn’t tell anyone else, for 23 years now because they know I’ll believe and respect them.

Suffice it to say, there are little time vortexes everywhere where dimension cross. And the areas around military installations all over the country are not normal. Anything can happen. They have the tech left by the E.T. and they use it. I’ve had a couple patients tell me about what they experienced near a military base in addition to all the military whistleblowers interviewed.

HF33 is the Lunar, Polarizing Process. We are here to formulate the FREE WILL of CHALLENGE (Yellow 2 Polar Human on Tuesday). There is NO overarch DNA Nucleotide which is huge for people born in these gateways. They are dreamy folk. This pulses on the neck, the mystic central channel of timelessness, the axis of the eternal present. There is no I Ching Hexagram. The I Ching is composed of 64 trigrams. The Tzolkin is composed of 65 harmonics. This creates the binary triplet configuration that makes all that is, EXIST.

3/6 is the I Ching trigram, then 2, 4, 8, 12 up to 364, and the solar cycles and astrology affecting us in the 4D body. The Tzolkin is 13:20. You know our math. It’s exponential and vigesimal (20) The two sprocket together perfectly so that all the dimensions are UNIFIED. We are one with eternity, NOW. Our bodies ARE TIME and Eternity. We are not finite, we are infinite. It’s the big news and it’s in every cell of our bodies. Gee, if we actually believe and know this we will be FREE, no longer slaves on this prison planet for the Luciferian C^&*(. That’s why we are programmed to believe the opposite. It’s been pummelled into the human race for thousands of years by the time thieves. Don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. They like money and stuff more than Love, and the Universe. It all goes back to that…guy. The Angel of Light who decided to go deep into Shadow.

The increase in ScR will increase at 2pm today. Right now it’s still 6.
We are mediated by Mercury then pulsing are Neptune, Pluto, and Earth but only the 5D aspect. I feel very nostalgic and emotional today about all the changes occurring. Humans still have big decisions to make for our planet.
Red 12 Crystal Moon~White 12 Crystal Dog. Hidden Wisdom is in HF33, this one, Yellow 2 Polar DUALISTIC Human. We are dualistic for a reason. We are spiritual babies that need to learn to crawl and the resistance on earth helps us learn. We are always watched over. If we acknowledge it we’ll be safe. If we don’t, we’re living In a crap shoot. That’s one way to go I guess. You are still loved but not reciprocating. We’re supposed to love and respect the universe in return.

Whatever the 3D lineup, it’s not getting through until Wednesday. We are swimming in 5D. Astrology is allowing people to be born obviously and come into the body but our minds and bodies are immersed in 5D.

The 5GForce

It is extra potent today. It is Blue 2 POLAR Monkey. We are seeded as dualistic primates and to a great degree, we still are. That’s what the Rh factor is in our blood; Rhesus Monkey in your DNA which means you have a + sign. If you are O-, A-, B-, or AB- negative you are more humanoid, meaning your E.T. ancestor DNA comes through more than your human DNA which is based on the Rhesus Monkey DNA. We are all humanoid, mixed with our E.T. ancestors but those with a + sign, less so. I am B+ but my mother is B-. She is severely ADHD and I am less so or not at all. My son, whose guide power is today, Red 12 Moon in HF33 is very ADHD inattentive looking up at the sky. Kin who are born in HF33 or have it in the destiny oracle is very likely diagnosed with ADHD. There is nothing wrong with them. They are just heavily influenced by 5D.

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