HF33 is SO Hacked by the Feds and Hollywood

I’ve been trying to cut through this heavy energy today to do some remote viewing to see WHO and HOW the kin in shadow have gotten into this implicate energy and wreaked havoc.

It is absolutely a no-brainer that these massacres by unstable people, one after the other, have been a setup, inside jobs that have somewhat succeeded in turning the public mind against the 2nd Amendment to weaken our self defense even further than it’s already been eroded. 911 was an inside job too to get us to support more war.

Even more than that to hack our FREE WILL and the Constitution. They’ve also done their best to REVERSE the good that was done by the Civil Rights movement and Rosa Parks who is in this HF, by turning Dems against each other by focusing on race instead of empowerment.

If the E.T. weren’t constantly showing up on our behalf and the whistle-blowers coming out we would be in worse shape.

Hollywood played off of HF 33 with its creation of the A.I. propaganda Matrix movies with Neo, anagram for ONE in room 303 as a Christ figure and the actor in real life and his girlfriend Trinity. That hacked gateway hits tomorrow as White 13 Cosmic Dog.

Yeah, the machine world of the Matrix movies isn’t heaven, damn Hollywood producers. They did the same thing hacking 2012 with apocalyptic movies that were incorrect.

This is just the start. I will post to turn this vibe around over the next 4 days.

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