🛸 UFO Spotted Over Ukraine Skies

22, September 2022
My understanding is that if anyone, Ukraine or Russia tries to use Nukes over there, they will be stopped. End of story. The health of the cosmic web transcends petty political squabbles started by the c%^&*.-Lisa T.
UFOs Spotted Over Ukraine Skies, Reaching Speeds of Up To 53,000 km/h
A new report from the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine outlines how multiple UFOs have been spotted over the skies of Kyiv.
By Arjun Walia
Sept. 22, 2022
According to a new report from the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been spotted over Kyiv. The report was published in the preprint database arXiv.

Using specially calibrated cameras at two weather stations in Kyiv and Vinarivka, a village about 75 miles (120 kilometers) to the south, astronomers observed dozens of objects “that cannot scientifically be identified as known natural phenomena,” the report said.

The researchers divided their UAP observations into two categories: “cosmic” and “phantoms.” According to the report, cosmics are luminous objects that are brighter than the background sky. These objects are designated with birds’ names — such as “swift,” “falcon” and “eagle” — and have been observed flying solo as well as in “squadrons,” the team wrote.

The researchers estimated that phantoms range from 10 to 40 feet (3 to 12 meters) wide and can travel at speeds of up to 33,000 mph (53,000 km/h). For comparison, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is the fastest known aircraft, reaching speeds of up to 3,500 km/h.

There was no speculation on the researchers’ part regarding what these objects are, it simply focused on the methods used to identify them and the characteristics and qualities of the objects that could be detected.

The U.S. government has openly renewed its public interest in UAP investigations since 2017 when several videos taken by U.S. Navy aircraft leaked to the media. The videos showed unidentified aircraft moving in seemingly impossible ways, with no explanation.

In some cases, according to incident reports and interviews with military personnel, these vehicles descended from altitudes higher than 60,000 feet at supersonic speeds, only to suddenly stop and hover as low as 50 feet above the ocean. They are also capable of traveling through water, in the ocean, just as they are through the atmosphere at the same speeds.

The Hessdalen Interactive Observatory at Østfold University College in Norway has also been capturing some amazing footage over the years. As far as I know, it’s the only official 24-hour UFO observatory in the world (except for our governments, of course).

Radar and cameras have tracked and filmed numerous inexplicable phenomena in this area, with the fastest one recorded at an astonishing 30,000 km per hour. You can see some examples and read more about that here if interested.

Theories of these objects range from classified military technology of other nations to perhaps even otherworldly beings. UFOs have long been obsessed with our nuclear weaponry, perhaps that has something to do with it given the conflict in Ukraine.

Important considerations to think about when it comes to “mainstream” UFO disclosure

Dr. Jacques Valée, an academic who holds a master’s degree in astrophysics and a Ph.D., in computer science who co-developed the first computerized map of Mars for NASA in 1963 is one of many who have revealed potential manipulation with regard to this subject.

In one of his latest books, Forbidden Science 4he shares a record of his private study into unexplained phenomenon between 1990 and the end of the millennium, during which he was traveling around the world pursuing his professional work as a high-technology investor. It’s a bit of a diary, documenting his experiences and encounters/meetings as he tries to examine and explore the phenomenon.

In an entry dated Thursday 26 March 1992, Vallée writes:

“I have secured a document confirming that the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) as psychological warfare experiments.”

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