Tuesday Reading; Red 8 Serpent-Follow Your Instincts With Integrity

A solar day is not time, WE are time with the entire Biosphere. Time is a frequency absorbed, not measured, by our bodies. No machine can measure or control time. Clocks and calendars are moot.

One rotation of the Earth around the sun every 365 days is constantly changing and it’s different on every planet. That rotation is not time. It just creates a hologram that appears to be a manifestation whose purpose is to adventurously evolve multidimensional RNA into visible DNA. We are supposed to be rowing our boats down the stream here merrily because life is but a dream. We’re not called to be freaking out or stressing out. I’m working on that too. I’m generally a chipper person but the c#$%^ loves to ruin our merry lives as handily as they possibly can. Why are they such a drag?

We enter HF32 today; Spectral Store or tone 11, remember the elegance of liberation. Freedom is elegant. Imprisonment and slavery are not. It’s undignified for all human beings who have evolved to become co-creators with The Creator.

Today’s Coordinate; 32:5:8:125; there is 5:8, the frequency that meshes 13 to 20 and then 26. I just blogged on it. The overarch DNA nucleotide is CAA or Glutamine (Red Skywalker)

I Ching Hx is 13 (Tribe # of Skywalker); The Creative Heaven, The Clinging Flame manifested in 3D/4D

Earth Frequency

Power in the magnetosphere is 25
The Frequencies are very sporadic

Body Frequencies Are Time; the Amino Acids and the Chakras

These kin each consist of 5 more kin each + the 5GForce on just the theme for 26 evolving RNA frequencies with each solar day.
We start a new 28-day cycle today and land on Chakra 7, the crown. It opens upward for spiritual seekers and for meditation.

Theme: Red 8 Galactic Serpent Serine, White 8 Wizard Lysine, Red 8 Moon Methionine, Blue 8 Eagle Arginine, Yellow 6 Warrior Histidine. The 5GForce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Eagle pulsing in Occult partnership with the antipode which is a challenging vision.

Analog; White 8 Galactic Wizard Lysine, 8Serpent Serine, 8 Mirror Tyrosine, 8 Seed Valine, 6 Hand Isoleucine

Guide Power; Red 8 Moon Methionine, 8Dog Aspartic Acid, 8Skywalker Glutamine, 8Storm Tryptophan, 6 Human Glutamic Acid

Antipode; Blue 8 Galactic Eagle Arginine; 8Seed Valine, 8 Storm Tryptophan, 8 Serpent Serine, 6 World-Bridger Threonine

Hidden Wisdom; Inv. HF34, Yellow 6 Rhythmic Warrior Histidine, 6Night Alanine, 6 Warrior Histidine, 6 WorldBridger Threonine, 8 Serpent Serine

You can see all the repeating pulses on specific amino acid molecules here, which is our evolution. But the tone of creation pulse is always 8~6, Galactic and Rhythmic. Any kin born 8 or 6 will have those attributes that apply to them every day of their life and then double on Tone 8 days.

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by today’s asteroid belt, the blown-up planet of Tiamat, and its karma. Mars/Maldek was its Moon so the Tiamat karma also directly affects Red Walker and White Worldbridger as well as Aries kin. Also, pulsing is retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.

  • Venus forms a quincunx to Saturn today, and we can feel torn between different desires, situations, or viewpoints. (Sync’d with the Hidden Wisdom) Or, the dilemma could be between pleasure and responsibility, and perhaps not able to fully appreciate or deal with either. We could also feel pulled out of our routine later today, perhaps through a confrontation, unexpected change of plans, or a strong whim.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Cancer until 4:38 PM EDT, after which it’s in Leo, and as the day advances, we’re feeling more outgoing and interested in sharing.
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:57 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to the Sun), until the Moon enters Leo at 4:38 PM EDT.

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