9/19/22-The Frequency is Resonant Focus With Vision, 7Valine~7Arginine

Your life is your body and it belongs to you. If you claim it and mean it out loud you are protected. Listen to the voice of your body, then take care of it and see synchronicity.

Turn off MSM. They are programming humans for their own profit. Turn on the Biosphere. If there is something you don’t understand on here you can find clarification on the Mayan Education Page on this blog.

Body Holon

7Valine pulses to the 7th vertebrae, throat chakra, and the flesh of the right arm

7valine seed, 7arginine eagle, 7histidine warrior, 7lysine wizard, 7phenylalanine earth

Analog spun out; 7eagle, 7seed, 7hand, 7serpent, 7worldbridger

Guide power spun out; 7Warrior, 7Night, 7Star, 7Worldbridger, 7Serpent

Antipode spun out; 7Wizard, 7Serpent, 7Worldbridger, 7Seed, 7Hand

Hidden Wisdom spun out: 7Earth, 7Wind, 7Moon, 7Hand, 7Seed

Synchronicity; 7Hand, 7Seed, 7WB, and 7Serpent 3x. These kin plus today’s destiny oracle are 26 frequencies pulsing off of each other evolving our bodies.

Earth Holon-Magnetosphere

SCR power is 36
Amplitude is 36

The 5GForce

Today the GForce is Yellow 7 Resonant Warrior in exact pulse with the Guide Power, mediated by Saturn. It is in HF44. This frequency overarches all 25 4D evolving, amino acid frequencies. Attributes are questioning fearlessness, intelligence, status-conscious, high standards, channeling, and attunement.

I channel in order to question. Inspiring fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of elegance. I am a galactic activation portal.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter and pulsing are Saturn, the Asteroid belt, and Uranus. There is plenty of synchronicity between 5D and 4D below.

  • Retrograde Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate with Saturn (Yellow Warrior) and then Uranus (Red Earth) today, pointing to possible minor missteps or surprising turnarounds.
  • As the day advances, however, we head toward a Venus-Uranus trine, exactly very early tomorrow, that brings us out of our shells.
  • While the Moon spends the day in comfortable, protective Cancer, the Venus-Uranus (Red Earth) transit encourages our bolder, more innovative natures, socially speaking. We are especially interested in all that is new, fresh, invigorating, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary regarding romantic involvements, entertainment or pleasures, and financial undertakings. We may be experimenting, improvising, and trying new ways of relating and expressing ourselves. We might discover alternative ways to make (or spend) money. Although a little detached, we’re freer with our feelings and find beauty in the unfamiliar or uncommon.

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