What if There Were Really 26 Frequencies in a Solar Day, not 24 Hours?

If you listened to my podcast, Jose said, accurately, that

“The clock on the wall cannot measure frequency and TRUE TIME IS A FREQUENCY.”

Jose A.

And then I said what Jose did not literally say, but spells out and leads us to, “Time is the 20 amino acids and 13 tones of Creation that manifest the entire biosphere in 4D; us, the animals, the oceans, the plants, the layers around the earth and inside the earth.” “Time is DNA”.

What might the 26 frequencies in a solar day be? I’m literally just thinking about this now. I just have to do the math.🙂

13 x 20 = 260. 28 x 13 =364. These two together are the Tzolkin Harmonic and the 13-Moon solar calendar of exactly 13 full moon cycles that occur in our current  365 day year. Now what?

26 is obviously in The Tzolkin foundationally. The frequencies are the radio-sonic tones on which I’m still researching and writing another book. All 20 tribes and 13 tones pulse to specific areas and joints of the body. But as I post daily, there are 260 specific kin gateways that pulse in the body.

For instance, today is Blue 6 Night so it focuses on the right shoulder FLESH above the breast, front and back and tone 6 is the right elbow JOINT. But those pulse with the rest of the gateway to make 260 unique evolutionary pulses in each kin for 260 days. I don’t always post all of the body pulses because I feel like I’m overwhelming you already but I use the knowledge in my office on my patients bodies and ALWAYS see it in their restrictions physically. It’s all accurate! What’s difficult is teaching humans to let go of mental and emotional HABITS as a therapist.

For instance, today also pulses to the left Yellow Warrior shoulder, obviously, literally physically its support analog, pulses back to right shoulder as Guide Power, is challenged by the left Skywalker thorax/rib cage, and subconscious parental pulse is the left eye. There is a twisting in the body and parents taught the person to SEE life in a restrictive way. I listen, not suggest and eventually they tell me what I ready know.

We have to coalesce the 260 kin into 26 frequencies. I will continue working on it. In the meantime, throw out your clocks and Gregorian calendars and I’ll stop giving the day and time on the podcasts. Duh.

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