There are 26 Frequencies every Solar Day, Not 24 Hours. The Length of the Day is Changing Anyway

There are 26 frequencies to choose from to focus on each day that transcend 4D. Your 5 kin theme gateway + the 5GForce, your analog spun out, your guide power spun out, your antipode spun out and your hidden wisdom spun out. These are archetypal families or AAFs

The 5GForce for the theme is the 26th frequency and overarches the entire frequency for all the kin. This transcends the 24-hour day and the 12:60 coordinate of artificial time.

Example: Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker spun out to 26 frequencies. Each kin listed is a frequency. 6+5+5+5+5 = 26

Spun out Theme; HF4-13SW, 13 WB, 13Earth, 13Bl Night, 1 Star, 5G-Blue 1 Hand

Spun out Analog; HF7-13WB, 13SW, 13Dog, 13Warrior, 1Eagle

Spun out Guide Power; HF30-13Earth, 13Wind, 13Dragon, 13Hand, 1Seed

Spun out Antipode; HF36-13Night, 13Warrior, 13Hand, 13SW, 1Mirror

Spun out Hidden Wisdom; HF62-1Star, 1Monkey, 1Star, 1Mirror, 13SW


The 5GForce for THAT DAY is the 26th frequency; Blue 1 Magnetic Hand, JUST that kin, not the others spun out in 4D because this is Blue Hand in 5D.

We see 13Skywalker twice and White 1 Mirror twice. I’ve had major events that changed my life happen on both gateways. We also see 13Yellow Warrior twice, in my antipode and analog. Cosmic intelligence can be supportive for me or challenging. Agreed.

Spin out your kin and watch for EACH of these frequencies to show up around you and pay attention. This is synchronicity and places you CENTER in your destiny.

Ultimately, the most powerful influence is your theme’s 5Gforce mantra, NOT the entire gateway. Mine is Blue 1 Hand;

I Unify in order to know. Attracting healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.

And that’s what I do for a living. It’s active.

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