260 gateways Divided by 26 frequencies = 10

What is 10 in The Tzolkin? The Fifth Force, 5×2=10. Fifth Density x 2. 5 is the Radiant Overtone, the Center. It’s also the Chromatic Code of 5. Each gateway is a chromatic code of 5 except for the theme which has an overarch 5GForce.

The matrix overtone (5) which holds the center; positional unit in mathematical code that allows full overtone (5) potential; time as interdimensional radial matrix which sprockets the g-force.

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So I was missing something here. OVERTONE 5 SPROCKETS THE 5GFORCE IN OUR BODIES, IN ALL DNA. G stands for galactic timing frequency which the scientists have no clue about by the way.

I was downstairs working out realizing this had to be 13 x 2 = 26 in the body. Where is 13? The left ankle is tone 13 and tribe 13, Skywalker is the left thorax but it’s more than that because it has to coalesce into 260. I was just tuning into my body as a carrier of this idea while I was moving my body; 13 Skywalker. Then it hit me that it has to be based on 5.

G-Fractal; four waveforms– 52 x 5 = 260. 52 x4 = 208. 52-kin holon fractal which coordinates permutations of thirteen frequency ranges and four primary code colors (red-white-blue-yellow of the auroras) in unvarying sequence; five per galactic spin; one at 1:7ratio= solar year; one at 1:5 ratio=master fractal of the four spectra of galactic being.-The Dreamspell Book

(There are 52, 7-day weeks in the solar year which add to 364 by the way, not 365 yet all institutions agree that we use a 52-week solar year! 52 x 7 = 364) Then in The Tzolkin, 260 divided by 5 = 52. So the solar year is 1:7 (364 days long) and the Galactic year is 1:5 (260 days long) What is the difference between 364 and 260? 104. 104 x 2 = 208 (see above). What is that about? 52 x 2 x 2 = 208. 208 divided by 4 is 52.

4 x 13 = 52. Four colors of tribes and LIGHT spectra x 5 every 260 days.

Fractal G-Force Equation; 5:8::8:13 describes the relation of the chromatic code of 5 to the galactic frequency code of 13; the units 5, 8, and 13 form a set in the logarithmic spiral series; the difference between the chromatic code of 5 combined with the g-force of 13 is the basis of the 260-day cycle.-The Dreamspell Book.

13 x 5 = 65, the number of 4-day harmonics in the Tzolkin harmonic. 65 divided by 13 = 5

I will spin out each tribe in each kin to it’s own destiny kin which would come to 25 + the gforce kin. That would add to 26 frequencies and then analyze them.

It all spins up PERFECT MUSIC as sound that spins us into existence. ART is the pinnacle.

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