260 gateways Divided by 26 frequencies = 10

What is 10 in The Tzolkin? The Fifth Force, 5×2=10. Fifth Density x 2. 5 is the Radiant Overtone, the Center. It’s also the Chromatic Code of 5. Each gateway is a chromatic code of 5 except for the theme which has an overarch 5GForce.

The matrix overtone (5) which holds the center; positional unit in mathematical code that allows full overtone (5) potential; time as interdimensional radial matrix which sprockets the g-force.

The Dreamspell Book Index

So I was missing something here. OVERTONE 5 SPROCKETS THE 5GFORCE IN OUR BODIES, IN ALL DNA. G stands for galactic timing frequency which the scientists have no clue about by the way.

I was downstairs working out realizing this had to be 13 x 2 = 26 in the body. Where is 13? The left ankle is tone 13 and tribe 13, Skywalker is the left thorax but it’s more than that because it has to coalesce 260. I was just tuning into my body as a carrier of this idea while I was moving my body; 13 Skywalker. Then it hit me that it has to be based on 5.

G-Fractal; four waveforms– 52 x 5 = 260. ? 52 x4 = 208. 52-kin holon fractal which coordinates permutations of thirteen frequency ranges and four primary code colors (red-white-blue-yellow of the auroras) in unvarying sequence; five per galactic spin; one at 1:7ratio= solar year; one at 1:5 ratio=master fractal of the four spectra of galactic being.-The Dreamspell Book

(There are 52, 7-day weeks in the solar year which add to 364 by the way, not 365 yet all institutions agree that we use a 52-week solar year! 52 x 7 = 364) Then in The Tzolkin, 260 divided by 5 = 52. So the solar year is 1:7 (364 days long) and the Galactic year is 1:5 (260 days long) What is the difference between 364 and 260? 104. 104 x 2 = 208 (see above). What is that about? 52 x 2 x 2 = 208. 208 divided by 4 is 52.

4 x 13 = 52. Four colors of tribes and LIGHT spectra x 5 every 260 days.

Fractal G-Force Equation; 5:8::8:13 describes the relation of the chromatic code of 5 to the galactic frequency code of 13; the units 5, 8, and 13 form a set in the logarithmic spiral series; the difference between the chromatic code of 5 combined with the g-force of 13 is the basis of the 260-day cycle.-The Dreamspell Book.

13 x 5 = 65, the number of 4-day harmonics in the Tzolkin harmonic. 65 divided by 13 = 5

I will spin out each tribe in each kin to it’s own destiny kin which would come to 25 + the gforce kin. That would add to 26 frequencies and then analyze them.

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