Watch “Magnetic Pole Shift | When It’s Time, It’s Time” on YouTube

Ok…I agree that the poles are going to flip Magnetic north eventually. There is no dispute. The spiritual community has listened to ancient Geomancy which rivals modern science, since 1990 so for 32 years we’ve been batting it around. I’ve been working with the 13:20 Tzolkin that long also.

But the cycles are not 12,000 years long, they are 13,000 and 26,000 years long and Mayan math proves it. I have multiple blog posts showing 260/364 coordinate.

The other issue is the solar year isn’t exactly 364 days yet. It will be bc the days are speeding up and thus shortening the year but until that sprocket LOCKS IN with 260-day galactic cycle, nada!

He knows nothing about galactic time cycles. His prognostication on timing of the pole flip could be off by 1000 years!

Our society and bodies are changing radically but I’m not sure the earth is going to change radically yet. It’s true about the animals and ELM field but this may be gradual and…they aren’t being tricked and neither are we.

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