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I will be working on a video update this week with more breaking news on the Orion Group invasion of the LOC. There are some very tense standoffs going on between various ET groups on the Moon after the LOC was invaded by negative ETs resulting in the ICC locking down all Lunar Bases and replacing all of their acting commanders with ICC personnel. More to come in the next week.

Be patient, we are FINALLY beginning the depositions in one of our lawsuits the last week of this month and then again the second week of October. We are looking very forward to getting the depositions behind us and gearing up for the trial which should occur in November. The wheels of justice move very slowly but deliberately, we are confident we will get justice in both of our cases.

We have also begun recording for the new documentary series that is going to cover our crazy experiences in the paranormal/esoteric communities and are very excited to deliver this shocking story to the world. As many of you know, we are discussing a video game with a company that has mostly built a game that we could adapt to my IP/Life Story.

Because of all of the depositions, travel, and meetings I will be posting a bit less content but be patient, I have several new updates to deliver after we take care of some business.

Thank you all for your continued support!
More info on the lawsuits @ https://www.lightwarriorlegalfund.com/
Corey and Stacy

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