Wednesday-Blue 2 Polar Storm-Premonition on Our Government

3:15 pm This just came to me like water flowing.

I’m seeing that what Trump has on the entire government, including Pubs, is SO volatile that it could literally end our government, all of it, as we know it. This is not partisan.

And…other international governments as well. I see a RESTRUCTURING happening fairly efficiently by a world organization. We won’t completely destabilize nor will money stop. But I feel and see that he has some major dirt, the truth from many angles which is why the FBI is getting out of hand right now.

A lot of it is proof of sex trafficking and money laundering but even more. I’ve seen this before but not with Trump having the proof. He is being super careful and lawful because he is on a powder keg. It’s very bad. It is a coming storm synchronistically on Blue 2 Storm.

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