Tuesday-Reflection for Thirteen Days

Earth Holon 🌎

It’s  a big secret apparently. The Tomsk station is still down. I even reinstalled the app to make sure it wasn’t the problem. This article on the Ukrainian invasion was updated today. The word on the street is the billions being spent by the U.S.to fund Ukraine’s invasion of Russia is money laundering for the admin. And what’s up there that they are trying to control? My radar is lit up on this. Something is fishy.


Tomsk, Russia; Tomsk https://g.co/kgs/fyUJfT

Body Holon Evolution

We are in HF30. Review the video I posted yesterday if you don’t remember the inverse harmonic energy. Today is a bit dark pulsing Saturn. We have the low light of the autumnal equinox coming.

White 1 Magnetic Mirror~Red 1 Magnetic Dragon mediated by Neptune and pulsing to both eyes and both brains 🧠 for evolution in 5D of that region. The 5gforce is White 13 Cosmic Wind, yesterday’s analog.
We synchronistically land on crown chakra 7 on the 13-moon calendar

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune 3x, Venus as the 5D challenge and Saturn in the inverse Harmonic with Blue 13 Night as the Hidden Wisdom from our mother in duality. In 3D we have…

  • The Moon continues its transit of straightforward Aries until 7:40 AM EDT when it moves into Taurus. The Taurus Moon is content, sensual, earthy, and sensible.
  • However, Venus and Pluto are heading toward a sesquiquadrate aspect, exact early tomorrow, and there can be some underlying tensions in social interactions and relationships.
  • (This is 3D Shadow frequency next) Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness can be brewing just under the surface of things, and they are directly proportional to our fear of losing something or someone. Manipulation can color relationships, or financial tensions emerge. Still, it can also be a time to see the needs and desires we’ve suppressed. Getting into a healthier relationship with these buried needs can help.
  • The void Moon occurs from 12:53 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Taurus at 7:40 AM EDT.

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