YouTube Video by Me on 911 Harmonic and It’s Inverse

Warning; I am in high intuitive mode as I read the time back and forth between Harmonics. As I sat in my office and decided to make a video it was 11:11 and I had just posted an image of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan on my blog post on page 111 of “Time and the Technosphere.” So…this is how synchronicity rolls if you’re paying attention.

Folks, we are watched over on so many levels by loving E.T. Ancestors, Universal Directors, and J.C. our friend and creator. The less you give any credence whatsoever to MSM or Google propaganda the better. I feel deeply today for the souls that were murdered by the planes on 911. I don’t think we have yet made full sense of it but I’m trying with this information to let you know that YOU, YOUR LIFE, and YOUR BODY belong to YOU and it is in YOUR POWER to focus your destiny in the manner of your choosing, using free will, to play it out with the rest of the human family. It’s all good. Love yourself and love each other.

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